Scammer Chino Rheem Pays Back Debt In Cake

1 year ago
Scammer Chino Rheem Pays Back Debt In Cake
20 Apr

Long time debt welcher Chino Rheem seems to have got himself stakes to the WPT, again. This hot on the heels of his most recent scandal in which he allegedly lied about the way he busted out of a tourney to the people who had saddled him up. 

The implication being that he had made like Mostel and Wilder in The Producers and oversold.

In the latest edition of the WPT’s online video series Mic’d on the Felt, Rheem was put in a starring role. The Tour even laid on a load of complimentary cakes which Rheem shared generously with his table mates. Look who’s treating to a free meal, to quote Rounders.

Owing It All

Shame he couldn’t settle his debts as generously.

As you can see from the video Rheem is a charming guy and a fast talker, it is not surprising then that with his impressive results as a player he continues to get himself staked. Despite his reputation for gambling everything away as soon as he gets it. Addicts gonna addict

Here’s hoping this year is the one he cleans up his act.

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