Phil Ivey's Bodyguard Has Fist Fight in Bobby's Room

4 years ago
Phil Ivey's Bodyguard Has Fist Fight in Bobby's Room
27 Jun


It seems that it’s not only Conor McGregor who has been letting the fists fly when the cards are in the air this week, with news of a spot of fisticuffs erupting in the famous Bobby’s Room at the BellagioPhil Ivey’s bodyguard apparently taking down an irate player.

Well-known pro Jimmy Fricke, aka Gobboboy, tweeted about the incident and sparking a lot of interest in who the party on the receiving end in the high-stakes room might have been…

There were hopes and wishes that it was one of several people who Ivey’s security flattened, Alec Torelli in the number one spot, with Scott Seiver a close-second, but if GazzyB123 is to be believed, we’ll have to look further for the loser of the fight.

"Seiver and Ivey currently all smiles in Bobby’s Room," posted Gazzy, adding "Someone just showed me a video. Some black guy squared up to a very VERY big other black guy (similar stature to the dude from ‘white chicks’) and the big big dude just throws him to the ground like a rag doll and the other guy gets up and just sits back down hahahaha."

A video clip of at least part of the confrontation has made its way to YouTube, and despite not recognizing anyone, it does indeed appear to be Bobby’s Room and GazzyB123’s description is accurate, the apparent aggressor getting slammed into the middle of next week!

The fight made its way onto Doug Polk’s latest ‘Polker’ News podcast, the high-stakes pro describing it in his usual style as ‘Brawl at the Bellagio’.

Polk expressed his surprise at this taking place in the high-stakes cardroom, his experience being that the nosebleed guys tend to deal with big losses and whatever else comes along with $millions being at stake with more equanimity than your average player.

Anyway, Polk follows up with an amusing look at what some other ‘unnamed’ players have been ‘offering’ in the way of violence against himself! Doug seems to rub some people up the wrong way, and Daniel Negreanu’s brother, Sorel Mizzi and Luke Schwartz all seem to be ‘threatening’ him in the parody sketch.

Of course, if Polk had a bodyguard the same size and temperament as Phil Ivey going by the ‘Bellagio Brawl’ clip, he needn’t worry about anything or anyone!

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