Poker Pro Terik Brown Bitcoin Scam Allegations Take a Sinister Twist

3 weeks ago
Poker Pro Terik Brown Bitcoin Scam Allegations Take a Sinister Twist
20 Apr

The cryptocurrency scam allegations against US pro Terik (Tizzy) Brown took a sinister twist recently, with anonymous phone calls and unannounced visits to the former home of the English player who has accused him of scamming her of several Bitcoin.

As we reported previously, English poker player Lynne Beaumont recently went public with her accusations against Brown, describing him as a “a thief and/or a conman” and claiming that the Vegas man owes her almost four Bitcoin – which would be worth roughly $240,000 at today’s prices.

The story began when Beaumont gave Brown $40,000 to trade cryptocurrencies for her, but when she later tried to withdraw what was left – some $27k – she was met with delays, stalling tactics and finally ended up being ignored completely by the Bank of Crypto Business Development Manager.

“Three times he has agreed to make regular payments to settle the debt. So far I have received one payment. In December 2020, he finally paid 0.0805 BTC (approx $1500 at the time). And then he blocked me again.”
Screenshots of several messages between Beaumont and Brown appear to confirm her story, and after publicly denouncing Brown, the mysterious phone calls and visits to her former home started.

Beaumont told PokerTube:

“I had a couple of people turn up at a house I moved out of five weeks ago. They spoke to my neighbour asking for my new address. He smelled a rat and said he didn't know."

That visit was caught on her neighbour’s security camera, with one of the pair staying out of view.

In the video, the masked woman tells the neighbour:

“I’m looking for Mrs Beaumont. I’ve got a special delivery for her that needs to be signed.”
Claiming that nobody else could sign for it, the woman then leaves when she doesn’t get the information about Beaumont’s new address. Like a scene from an old thriller movie, however, Beaumont’s neighbour later saw the woman talking to a man in a white Bentley in the small nearby village.

The following day, says Beaumont, she received a phone call from the woman.

“I recognised her voice when she called me the next day. She told me ‘not to say anything’ and spelled out that old full address. She claimed she was calling about Bank of Crypto - Brown's business name - and for me to stop defaming him, talking about his family etc. When I started to say ‘but it isn't defamatory though is it, because it is true’ she just hung up.”
Although there was no specific threat made, Beaumont naturally felt intimidated by the call and the visit, believing that Brown has perhaps involved a private detective agency, or perhaps criminal elements, to scare her off.

Beaumont, who has more than $600k in Hendon Mob cashes to her name and splits her time between Vegas and England, said:

“It’s all very odd. Not really the actions of an innocent man - to get somebody in the UK to intimidate me.”
She also believes being currently stuck in the UK because of the coronavirus lockdowns – a “handy pandemic for Brown” as she describes it - has given him the perfect excuse to not pay up what he admits to owing.

“Frankly, he has sold his soul for $27k - almost 4 BTC [at the time Brown agreed to buy it for Beaumont]. That is now worth over $200k. I feel genuinely very sick about this. This should be a very exciting time for me, and he has spoiled that. This money is incredibly significant to me.”
Beaumont refuses to be cowed by Brown’s actions, stating:

“If you know anything of the whereabouts of this man, or anybody else he has conned, I would really appreciate it if you would contact me. I will be sending a file of all details to the police and lawyers on my return to the US this summer.”
Brown has been repeatedly contacted for comment but has so far failed to respond or acknowledge the allegations against him.

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