Poker Pro Thrown Out of WSOP Main Event Reaches Settlement

9 months ago
Poker Pro Thrown Out of WSOP Main Event Reaches Settlement
11 Feb

The story of Joe Stiers, who was unceremoniously dumped out of the WSOP Main Event on day 3 back in 2017, took a new twist when he reached an out-of-court settlement with Caesars Entertainment

As we reported at the time, Stiers was actually banned from all Caesars properties for blackjack counting, but had entered the $10k annual WSOP biggie under a slightly different name, Joseph Conorstiers, and was closing in on the money with a big stack when the WSOP cottoned on to who he really was, DQ’d him and had security removed Stiers from the casino.

Stiers launched a lawsuit against Caesars, who own the WSOP brand, the following year, claiming:

“Caesars/WSOP had always accepted my money and retained my money when I was losing poker tournaments, which totaled to over $200,000, but only enforced this trespass eviction during a tournament when I was in a position to win up to $8 million and had around $150,000 in current chip equity”.

Most people expected the lawsuit to be thrown out given his widely-reported previous behaviour, but according to US Bets a court filing states that the two parties have reached a deal – although details of the agreement are confidential.

“I would have preferred to take this case until the end,” Stiers told the gambling site, “but I’m working, in my final year of law school, and this case would have intersected with the timing of the Bar Exam, so I kind of just needed to put it to rest.”

Apparently his ban from all Caesars properties is still in place, but the WSOP were unable to comment further on the case.

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