PokerBrat Good, KidPoker Bad According to Vegas Rumours

1 year ago
PokerBrat Good, KidPoker Bad According to Vegas Rumours
12 Apr

Daniel Negreanu’s image as one of poker’s nice guys took a further dent this week, accused of being ‘rude, dismissive and diva-ish’ when the camera’s stop rolling – just days after the PokerStars ambassador went on a foul-mouthed Twitter rant.

Yesterday’s breaking story about Negreanu’s contempt for the pair of Irish poker pros behind the award-winning Chip Race podcast spawned a viral response on the back of Negreanu’s foul-mouthed tirade…

…which was followed by the insinuation that David Lappin and Dara O’Kearney’s podcast victory was the result of some dubious backroom shenanigans rather than on merit, Lappin blogging his response…

Kat Arnsby, aka thePokerBaffer, was chief among those to call Negreanu out on his claims…

…having already sparked the ‘Kid Poker not well liked’ strain of thought that O’Kearney’s tweet above picked up on…

This week’s Twitter spat follows a Negreanu/Chip Race fight back in January after the Canadian was pulled up for his ‘cancer to poker’ description of various poker player ‘types’.

Doug Polk, himself an ‘arch-enemy’ of Negreanu for the past few years following their ‘More rake is better’ dispute, was naturally quick to join in the most recent bout of verbal fisticuffs on Twitter…

…while Daniel Negreanu responded with a tweet of his own, having already described the Chip Race duo of Lappin on O’Kearney as trolls on this week’s DAT Poker podcast, stating:

“I don’t think those guys are good dudes, and they’re so full of shit…they continually attack me, that’s like ‘trollABC’…”

Notwithstanding the personal attacks from both sides, it will be interesting to see if PokerStars themselves respond to the alleged chicanery behind the GPI voting – or indeed take a look at Negreanu’s fitness as a site ambassador following his expletive-laden Twitter outburst.

One thing is almost certain; this feud is far from over

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