PokerStars in ‘Unethical’ Joey Ingram $30k Offer

3 years ago
PokerStars in ‘Unethical’ Joey Ingram $30k Offer
24 Dec

PokerStars have been accused of unethical behaviour by offering Joe Ingram a $30k Platinum Pass to the PCA next month, many claiming that it’s a ploy to ‘buy’ Ingram’s loyalty

The shock offer was dressed up as part of Arlie Shaban’s ongoing ‘12 Labors of Hercules’ challenge, in which Shaban has to complete tasks that will gain him entry to the PCA – but not everyone is best-pleased at Stars’ 12th and final obstacle…

Ingram was an outspoken critic of PokerStars over the (SNE) SuperNoveElite controversy, when the site pulled the reward scheme midway through the 2-year grind for their most active players.

The most vociferous of those opposed to the offer, 2+2 forum regular SageDonkey, likened it to corruption, stating:

“This is actually the same tactic that organised crime gangs use 2 corrupt politicians, judges & law enforcement officers, only @pokerstars are dressing it up as a bit of light hearted fun and games. It is not, it's a blatant attempt to use money and power to corrupt a good person”.

Others, however, believe Ingram should accept the offer and continue to call out PokerStars if they do things against the poker community’s interests.

Phil Galfond tweeted:

“Assuming there are no strings attached that involve you doing something you don’t believe in, I’d definitely go play. I don’t even see how someone could argue that you’d be doing anything wrong”.

Steve Ruddock was another who felt there was no harm in Ingram taking the big money offer:

“You take it. Accepting an offer of this sort doesn't mean you've sold out".

Arlie Shaban himself was quick to agree of course…

…while the way of the world was perhaps best encapsulated in this simple meme…

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