Randall Emmett Pays Up To Get 50Cent Off His Back

3 months ago
Randall Emmett Pays Up To Get 50Cent Off His Back
02 May

Poker has a long history of loans not being repaid, but rapper 50Cent has somehow bucked that trend by getting celebrity player Randall Emmett to fork out a $million in double quick time…

As we reported earlier this week, the pair were involved in an unseemly Twitter exchange, with Randall Emmett going surprisingly quiet during a Poker After Dark appearance. The reason why became clear soon enough, courtesy of Farah Galfond

The TV and movie producer was literally begging his supposed friend 50Cent to leave him be, even claiming he was going to hospital with a suspected heart attack, but the tweets and Instagram landslide just kept coming…

The poker world has seen plenty of big debts made public, the recent Eli Elezra scandal as well as the $1.2million owed by Tom Dwan from his Durrrr Challenge match against Dan Jungleman Cates among the most recent.

Rapper Curtis James Jackson III – aka 50Cent – didn’t have to wait long for his cash, though, and even managed to make a bit on the side while Emmett opened his personal piggy bank…

If he wasn’t already as rich as Croesus, it seems that 50Centy – or his alter ego ‘Fofty’ – might find a nice line in getting poker’s slowest to speed up those repayment plans!

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