RunItUp! Returns for its Annual Live Coverage of the Aussie Millions

2 years ago
RunItUp! Returns for its Annual Live Coverage of the Aussie Millions
01 Feb

RunItUp goes Down Under once again for the 2018 Aussie Millions live coverage. Jason "JCarver" Somerville joins Randy "Nanonoko" Lew and Kevin Martin for the next 3 days of Twitch poker live streams. 

Soon after covering the 2018 Pokerstars Caribbean Adventure, The JCarverPoker Twitch channel notified all of its subs of an active stream, it was a rerun of the Aussie Millions, with the tag "Countdown to the 2018 #AussieMillions, - 3 days away,

The world was on notice, RunItUp is back and it brought Australian poker with it. 

The Crown Australian Poker Championship AKA the Aussie Millions is a poker series held in Melbourne, Australia. Its $8,000 Main Event boasts the biggest prize pool in the Southern Hemisphere, attracting pros and serious amateurs from all over the world.

So much so that this year it actually capped out at 800 players, 88 of which will be paid. The first prize winner will walk away with $1.8 Million and a bracelet valued at $29,500.

JCarver covering the Aussie Millions is quickly becoming a yearly tradition. His live stream has created many memorable moments, perhaps none more memorable than in 2016 when he gave the world this gem (with the assistance of Samantha Abernathy).

Ship it to mama indeed, Jason. 

This time Jason Somerville is not doing it alone, he has co-hosts Nanonoko and Kevin Martin to keep him company as he produces what could be one of the most memorable poker live streams of the year.

You can watch the live stream on RunItUp or on Jason Somerville's personal Twitch Channel, or, if you want to catch up, you can watch the first two hours below. 

Watch The 2018 Aussie Millions $10K Main Event with JCarver, Nanonoko and Kevin Martin! (1/2) from runitup on

Stay tuned to PokerTube for more news on the Aussie Millions and Runitup!

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