Spraggy & Fintan Launch New Podcast Show

2 years ago
Spraggy & Fintan Launch New Podcast Show
01 Jun

Twitch fans will already know Spraggy (Ben J Spragg) and Fintan (Easy With Aces) from their popular streams. They’ve also dabbled a little in YouTube before, but now they’ve gone and launched ‘Off the Rails’ a new video podcast in which they largely just talk over each other, throw shade and ‘talk nonsense about topics we are 100% not qualified to discuss’. 

Given the rambly format, and general lack of professionalism, it’s surprisingly listenable. They have great chemistry and maintain the general sense of old friends bickering that make shows like Kermode and Mayo’s Film ReviewHello, to Jason Isaacs – or some of the more This American Life inflected US shows as popular as they are.

In their inaugural episode Spraggy and Fintan chat about Staples and Perkins’ bet in which they have to get within 1lb worth of weight difference between them. All for $150,000.

They move on to chat about various sports events of the week: a digression of football (‘soccer’ for the trans-Atlantians) based digression and some UFC and wrestling thrown in for good measure.

There’s also some chat about Fintan’s recent live FT on his home soil over in Eire. There is a little hand analysis and Fintan does his best to stay humble after a €20k cash.

There is also a Super Special Guest on the show, who had to be an Australian because they chose to record at seven in the morning. This week it was All In PAV who brought his truth on the state of Ozzie poker and the legal changes going through parliament down under, which might just end online poker over there for good.

They’re really beginning to hit their stride now, eating chocolate during interviews, gabbling over one another and slapping down sportsmen who rep poker.

It’s slightly anarchic fun and you can see why their personalities have worked on Twitch. If you want to subscribe, you can find them on YouTube pretty easily. Or just click the video below.

You’re welcome.

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