The Ultimate Sweat Documentary Is Coming: Teaser Part 1 Drops!

4 years ago
The Ultimate Sweat Documentary Is Coming: Teaser Part 1 Drops!
05 Apr

We’ve been tracking the Staples bros prop bet for the last year here on PokerTube, but we have not been the only ones. Jaime’s Youtube channel recently uploaded a trailer for the documentary Ultimate | Sweat which Jordan Ryan has been working on. The movie will tell the inspiring story of weight loss/gain.

For those who missed this, the set up is that about one year ago someone suggested – during a Twitch event – that Jaime Staples and his brother Matt take one year to get within one pound of each other’s weight. Jaime was a little over 300 lb (136 kg for everyone outside the US who didn’t vote to Brexit) while his brother weighed around 135 lb (61 kg). They took the bet to the tune of $150,000.

They now weigh… well, that would be spoilers.

The Movie

The trailer looks like a pretty uplifting can-do sort of affair with its inspirational soundtrack and use of the phrase ‘life-changing’, and it looks like a lot more fun than some recent poker documentaries have been.

You can watch the trailer below:

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