The World Poker Tour To Give Out Private Jet Rides

2 years ago
The World Poker Tour To Give Out Private Jet Rides
22 Sep

The WPT officially announced their strategic partnership with JetSmarter, 'the world's largest private air travel and style community.’

JetSmarter is a Private Jet subscription service that allows its members to reserve seats on over 50 routes across three continents and book private flights to virtually anywhere in the world.

The service also allows its members to network with each other, giving them an opportunity to find some influential friends. 

Earlier this week, WPT announced that Jetsmarter has become the 'official private jet partner' of the WPT Bogarta Poker Open Main Event. The deal adds a free JetSmarter membership valued in $5,000 for the winner of this year’s Main Event.

This isn't the first time the WPT has added a sponsored product to the prize pool, the WPT Legends of Poker Main Event offered free Color Wine bottles to the first 47 spots.  However, a bottle of wine isn't nearly as lavish as a private jet subscription, then again, it's also not as practical.  

The value this would give to a professional poker player goes far beyond a baller private jet ride.

Travel expenses limit the number of tournaments a live pro can play in a year, taking away even a fraction of that cost would be a huge relief for the winner. It would allow them to play more WPT stops than they otherwise would.

In return, JetSmarter gets their name buzzing amongst the high stakes live poker community, which, besides pro poker players, also includes businessmen, day traders, Hollywood stars and other potential clients.

The more that you look into it the more this partnership makes sense for everyone involved, including the poker community.

If this move proves successful for JetSmarter, it might incentivize other Silicon Valley companies to invest in live poker promotion.

Brand deals like this one add value to poker tournaments, and perhaps even could make more affordable WPT stops possible.

At the very least, it could shut up the annoying subset of regs who decry poker as dead every time they can't find action.

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