This Fold Cost Jungleman $200k

1 year ago
This Fold Cost Jungleman $200k
25 Aug

‘You've got to know when to hold 'em, Know when to fold 'em’ - Kenny Roger’s chorus in his classic song ‘The Gambler’ will be haunting Daniel ‘Jungleman’ Cates for some time to come after he blew a massive lead in the final of the King of the Hill heads-up and winner-takes all showdown at the Bicycle Casino yesterday, folding a huge hand to Phil Hellmuth and going on to lose an almost 20-1 chip lead with $200,000 up for grabs.

Pretty much the entire poker world was shocked when Cates snap-folded to Hellmuth’s all-in river shove, despite receiving 6-1 odds on the call, as evidenced by Chicago Joey Ingram’s tweet of the hand in question…

Over on 2+2 the posters were equally stunned, ‘Limitbreak’ writing:

‘HOW IN THE WORLD?? Jungle just levelled himself with that flat on the turn. 50k pot, less than 10k to call and he lays down??? WHITE. MAGIC’.

Others were equally bemused, ‘LimpDitka’ posting:

‘Phil is first to act on the river and goes all in for $10K, pot is now $60K, so Jungleman is getting 6/1 to call with trip 10s (FOR THE WIN) remember there are only 3 diamonds on the board not 4!! And he folds... WTF’.

At one point in the match Hellmuth was down to just 5800 chips against Jungleman’s 200K or so, the epic fold hand coming in the middle of an incredible comeback by in a final described by Cates beforehand as ‘New School, the math’ versus the ‘Old School’.

Doug Polk, another of the modern-day GTO players, had already found out that big Phil has little respect for the purely mathematical approach to the game in the semi-final – confused enough by the 14-time WSOP bracelet winner to resort to flipping a ‘coin’ to decide whether to call or not.

Cates, as can be seen in the clip, doesn’t even give himself time to flip a coin on the river – 

Insta-mucking the winning hand and never recovering from it. Kenny Rogers would be turning in his grave:

‘Every gambler knows, That the secret to survivin', Is knowin' what to throw away, And knowin' what to keep’.

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