Top 5 Ladies of WSOP 2018

4 years ago
Top 5 Ladies of WSOP 2018
14 Jul

This year’s been a big year for women’s poker. 

A sponsored pro took down the Ladies’ Championship and an even bigger name pro took a slot in the WiPHoF. With the backlash against the sidelining of the women’s event and against displays of aggressive sexism at the table, there has a general sense of poker finally making a late effort to exorcise it's ingrained biases.

So, it’s worth celebrating some of the players who have made this year’s WSOP great.

5. Liv Boeree

Cashes At The WSOP this Year: 1

After her joint bracelet win, last year in the Team Event with her arm-candy Igor Kurganov. Boeree hung on into the top 400 at the Main Event this time round, close enough to taste the Cartier in this event.

4. Melanie Weisner

Cashes At The WSOP this Year: 3

Makes the list with three cashes and a popular showing on the Main Event stream (with Annette Obrestad, no less, who just missed out on getting on this list just on the basis of her new hair.)

3. Kitty Quo

Cashes At The WSOP this Year: 1

Kitty is one of the most entertaining Twitter commentators on this years series as well as being a shark at the table.

2. Jessica Dawley

Cashes At The WSOP this Year: 1

Jessica Dawley won the Ladies’ Championship this year amid controversy over the streaming arrangements.

1. Maria Ho

Cashes At The WSOP this Year: 6

Top of the list has to be Maria Ho whose year this really has been. As well as 6 cashes including 12th in the $10k Limit Hold’em Championship she’s been pulling a ton of shifts in the commentary booth and was inducted into the Women in Poker Hall of Fame during this year’s series.

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