Top 5 Poker YouTubers of 2018

2 years ago
Top 5 Poker YouTubers of 2018
18 Feb

2018 was a huge year for poker YouTube. At one point it was the quietest fronts of poker media, but thanks to the effort of the people on this list, it has become a force to be reckoned with. According to Social Blade, these 5 poker YouTubers reached a wider audience while discussing poker strategy, news and lifestyle.

(Note: Doesn’t include corporate YouTube channels like PokerStars or clip channels).

Poker YouTuber # 5 - Brad Owen 

2018 Subs: 31,000

2018: Views: 5.5 Million

Many aspiring YouTubers don’t realize that views are more important than subscribers, and no one appreciates that more than Brad Owen. Probably the most underrated on this list, his vlogs regularly get over 100k views, despite his channel having less than 100k subscribers

He’s projected to finally reach 100k subscribers by September 2019. 

Poker YouTuber # 4 Andrew Neeme 

2018 Subs: Over 24,160

2018 Views: Over Six Million

In 2018, Andrew Neeme joined team RunItUp, despite not being a Twitch streamer, and reached 100,000 subscribers

It was a great year for Neeme and he’s projected to do about as well in 2019, gaining another 20,000 subscribers. Though this doesn’t take into the account the influence RunItUp’s resources will have on his channel, there’s a chance he could exceed expectations.

Poker YouTuber # 3 “Chicago” Joey Ingram - JoeIngram1 

2018 Subs: Over 33,000

2018 Views: Over 17 Million

It’s worth noting that at least 10 million of those views come from his videos on Conor McGregor vs Khabib Nurmagomedov, the biggest MMA fight of 2018. 

However, the impact of Chicago Joey’s work in 2018 was greater than what its view and sub count reflect. It was probably one of the best years for his podcast, and his “investigation” episodes on the WSOP vendors and the ACR Bot crisis had a real-life impact on the player’s experience. This channel has solidified as a cornerstone of poker YouTube. 

He’s projected to reach 100,000 subs by June 2019 and a million subs by October 2022.

Poker YouTuber # 2 Daniel Negreanu

2018 Subs: Over 104,000

2018 Views: Over 8 Million

Despite having the most erratic upload schedule on this list, Daniel Negreanu’s personal vlog was one of the most viewed in 2018. His vlogs are of good quality and he has been building a brand for himself since before YouTube existed, so it makes sense that his videos don’t depend on satisfying the YouTube algorithm as much. 

He’s projected to gain about 100,000 more subscribers in 2019, though that could change drastically if he ever takes YouTube more seriously

Poker YouTuber # 1 Doug Polk - DougPolkPoker

2018 Subs: Over 66,000

2018 Views: 23.5 Million

Doug Polk said he would take it easy with poker content this year but that wasn’t reflected on his YouTube channel. He had a few month-long breaks throughout the year but in the months he was active he kept a weekly schedule. He’s projected to gain over 100,000 new subscribers in 2019

That was our list but now we want to hear from you! Are there any smaller YouTube vlogs we should watch out for in 2019? Are you starting one yourself? Let us know in the comments!

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