Vegas Poker Dealer Banned for Stealing Chips During Game

9 months ago
Vegas Poker Dealer Banned for Stealing Chips During Game
24 Feb

A poker dealer who allegedly stole a number of $5 chips while working at Bally’s Casino has had his gaming employee licence revoked after the first hearing in 10 years on such a matter by the Nevada Gaming Commission – and despite the fact he had resigned following the accusations and started work at the Bellagio Casino.

The Las Vegas Review Journal reported that poker dealer Jesus Saucedo was alleged to have surreptitiously sneaked $5 chips off the table and into his toke (tips) box during play in June of last year, his employer, Caesar’s-owned Bally’s Casino, contacting regulators after reviewing video evidence of the incident.

Agent A. Alan Vaughn gave evidence at the NGC hearing, the Review Journal revealing that ‘Saucedo could be seen in the video curling his fingertips around the chip and moving it near the rake pile before sweeping into a box used to collect tips from players’.

Saucedo claimed in his defence that:

“My mistake was not following the proper procedure,” stating that he accidentally placed the chip in his toke box and telling the board commissioner’s, “It was not my intent to steal from my previous employer.”

Representing himself at the hearing, Saucedo also explained that he had resigned from Bally’s shortly after the incident and began working at the MGM-owned Bellagio.

The Nevada Gaming Commission, however, voted 4-0 in favour of revoking his employee licence, stating that Saucedo’s actions were deliberate.

“I think you cheated the game,” said Commissioner John Moran Jr. in the commission’s deliberations. “I think you cheated your employer and, consequently, you cheated yourself because I think you’re a very skilled and good employee except for the fact that you cheated."

The Review Journal also reported Moran as stating on behalf of the Commission:

I don’t think this was your first rodeo. I think you’ve been doing this a long time. I wish we had facts for that, but we don’t. But I don’t need anything else than your admission and what I saw on the affidavits. I’m going to believe what I saw.”

The dealer was suspended from his position at the Bellagio – although there are no indications he stole from them – and because of his licence revocation his employment was terminated on Thursday.

Saucedo can still appeal the ruling to the Clark County District Court and can also apply to have his licence revocation looked at again in a year.

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