VeniVidi1993 On the $1million Trail at Americas CardRoom

2 weeks ago
VeniVidi1993 On the $1million Trail at Americas CardRoom
19 May

PLO beast VeniVidi1993 is hoping his recent good form on Americas CardRoom holds up, having just decided to top up his bankroll challenge, in an attempt to turn $100k into $1million!

The anonymous online crusher has been battling since the beginning of 2023 to recapture the form that saw him run PLO endboss Phil Galfond close in their Challenge Match.

This week it was a $7387 boost that had him in fine mood, having switched from GGPoker to ACR in a bid to find some easier games and lower rake.

“I will continue my journey on @net_acr for now. Will be great to play in an environment without extremely high rake,” he wrote after GG decided to close his account for losing $50k too quickly!

Obviously unaware that VeniVidi has played way higher than the mid-stakes of his bankroll challenge, that account closure proved to be good news.

“So this week felt great since I managed to play more hands, the games on average were softer and the focus was just where it was supposed to be,” he wrote, his 5th week on ACR seeing some improvement.
Having originally started with $66k, and having dipped below zero, VeniVidi is thinking of an answer to having theoretically busted his challenge.

“Obviously in the spirit of a bankroll challenge it would be over now,” he explained on Twitter, adding: “but I've been enjoying building myself back up, so I will come with a decent solution. One of the first thoughts I had was to top up the bankroll by $33,200 so that the starting point is exactly $100,000.”

The extra $33k will be handed over to charity regardless of how the new bankroll challenge pans out, with his fans and followers among the ACR regs likely keen to offer their thoughts...

  • Top up to 100k and make it to 1M$ profit instead of BR. Everybody wins glgl
  • Great work ethic m8. Looking forward for the weeks to come
  • Ya , nice , continue. I also would like to buy some action for plo tourneys

VeniVidi, whose cash game play is mixed with tournaments, revealed:

“I will give myself a little bit more space to hop into games that I think are +EV now and will exclude those results from the challenge." 

With a full schedule of ACR tournaments to choose from, he added:

“Playing MTTs on Sunday is something I really enjoy, so I will try to play those for fun and sell some action at no mark-up in the events that I'm positive about having an edge in.”
You can follow his bankroll challenge on Twitter and/or try to derail it by challenging the anonymous crusher on ACR yourself!

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