What's It Like at a Dan Bilzerian Launch Party - Model Tells It All

1 year ago
What's It Like at a Dan Bilzerian Launch Party - Model Tells It All
22 Sep

An Australian reality TV star gave firsthand account of what it is like to be inside one of Dan Bilzerian’s famed parties.

Kaitlyn Isham, best known for her appearances on the Australian reality show Seven Year Switch told the Daily Mail she messaged Bilzerian’s team when she learnt about the Internet playboy’s launch party for his line of new cannabis products, Ignite. She asked if she could attend the high-profile event at a $100 million Bel-Air estate, and the reply she got was one you would expect from a Bilzerian party: only attractive girls are allowed

“They made it clear that only attractive females make the cut. I was nervous because everywhere in the world I'm a 10, but in Los Angeles I'm a 7” - said Isham.

However, her worries were in vain, since she did get the invite for the party, as evidenced by the selfie she shared with her 10 thousand followers on Instagram.

Bilzerian himself also posted about the celebration on his social media. The brief 40-second Twitter video shows that they were strict about their “attractive women only” policy; as well as that YouTube superstar Logan Paul, fresh off of his amateur boxing debut, also was in attendance. 

According to Isham, pop singer Chris Brown, rapper Tyga and professional snowboarder Shaun White were among the celebrity guests as well.

The Australian reality star also talked about her encounter with Bilzerian. He had a very good impression on her, Isham even told him that she wants him to be “her baby daddy”, but the “King of Instagram” just politely laughed off the comment, according to Isham’s account. Even though her proposal about having a child was declined, she enjoyed herself at the party and hopes she can get invited to more.

What is interesting to note for poker fans is that the Daily Mail claims that Bilzerian made most of his cash through poker - something that is still debated in the online poker community - and that “he has won multiple tournaments” even though his Hendon profile only shows one cash for $36K, from the 2009 WSOP.

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