WSOP Bingo Reveals Best Of The Worst!

2 years ago
WSOP Bingo Reveals Best Of The Worst!
04 Jun

If poker is as cool a game as you’ll find, bingo tends to be the preserve of blue-haired old ladies, but combine them and you can play a hilarious game at the Vegas tables this summer – the best of the worst statements and happenings at the World Series of Poker combined.

It’s not a ‘real’ game, but looking through the ridiculous options could well be a fun way to pass the time, for example searching the field for a player with the ‘Ace of Spades tattooed on his arm’ …similar to the one Worm boasted in the cult poker movie Rounders

If you haven’t encountered anything in ‘Poker Bingo’ then you’ve likely never played poker! Take for example ‘Two players fight for 5 minutes over a missing ante’. Well, in case you haven’t seen it, here’s Jeff Lisandro and Prahlad Friedman getting into it back in 2006 over this very point…

Take another example, ‘guy puts someone on AK and lets everyone know it’, Well, it might sound obscure but it really isn’t. Daniel Negreanu has entire videos dedicated to his ‘amazing reads’, and he’s never been shy about letting the entire table know…

Gags30 who put the funny little game together was quick to reply to his followers, some incredulous at the WSOP goofs on offer…

…while others had their own particular favourites…

If you’re heading out to Vegas for the Series you should give this game a go – but even if you’re not, any home or casino game will likely have its own version of Poker Bingo worth playing!

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