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Malcolm comes from Consett in the North East of England and is an avid poker player and writer.

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Live Poker Events, 3 years ago

​Jason Mercier Pops the Question as Girlfriend Natasha Barbour wins $348,374

Pro Player Jason Mercier Proposed to His Girlfriend After Her Incredible Win

Live Poker Events, 3 years ago

Kristen Bicknell: First Woman to Win a WSOP Bracelet this Year

Kristen Bicknell beat out the competition in a No Limit Hold'em Bounty Event for nearly $300,000 and a shiny new bracelet.

Best ever All-In Moments in WSOP History

There is no bigger spectacle than at the World Series of Poker and many a classic all-in moment has taken place there.

Live Poker Events, 3 years ago

Is Late Registration a Good Idea?

Late registration might sound like a bad idea, but some pros know that there are a few benefits to sitting down long after the first cards are dealt.

Live Poker Events, 3 years ago

Main Event Winners That Completely Disappeared

Some players win the event and we never really hear from them again, so let’s look at a few of the winners that won the Main Event and then fell from view.

Rising Star: Benny Glaser

For 27 year-old Brit Benny Glaser, wish came true and he has become the 2016 success story of the WSOP so far.

888Poker Ambassador Stirs Up Heated Words With Gender Commentary

Jessica’s tweet achieved the likely intention which was to stir some debate about reality television and Poker. It was a tongue-in-cheek comment that was later clarified after she received some criticism from other Twitter users.

How to Win at Poker Without Ever Playing

Can you imagine no bad beats, no table talk, no trolls berating you for making a bad play, and being able to make money without any effort at all.

Will Videogame Company, Rockstar, Step Into the Online Poker Ring?

Since GTA V was released the situating of the “Vinewood Casino” building in the Vinewood area of the open world which has been the source of much speculation.

Best Poker Twitch Streams: June

Here are our top five poker streamers for the month of June. They have been selected using a number of factors like reliable schedule, interaction, entertainment, education, and professionalism.

Why Parents Should Not Worry if You Decide to Become a Poker Pro

It is the intention of this article to highlight of a few of the reasons why your parents and loved ones have no need to worry if you inform them that it is your intention to become the next great poker pro.

Are SNGs Still a Great Way to Build Your Bankroll?

​Sit ‘n’ Gos have achieved cult status in the online poker community. You sit down at the table and when the seats are filled the game begins. It is almost a rite of passage for an aspiring online poker pro.

The Funniest Poker Stories of All Time

​Poker players are well-known for being a little crazy. Most people think it is just money they are crazy with, but we will all admit the lifestyle and stories are outstanding. Read some of the funniest poker stories of all time.

Life Skills You Can Apply to Poker

These skills apply to you, read on to see how they can help you supercharge your poker game.

When is it OK to Fold Aces?

Playing with AA can be difficult, as it is easy to get married to the hand and make some costly errors by over-estimating its strength. Of course there have been occasions where a player has laid down AA before the flop although this is extremely rare.