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Mark from Stamford in the UK is a professional cash game player, and part time journalist. A massive chess fan and perpetual traveller.

He also produces strategy content for our sister wesbite

Articles by Mark Patrickson

Phil Ivey Asks UK Court to Decide Exactly What Is Cheating

On a trip to London, UK, Ivey visited the upmarket private casino Crockford's, an exclusive outfit in Mayfair, to play the game Punto Banco, a form of Baccarat.

America's Card Room Gives Their Response Following Tournament Catastrophy

​Earlier this month the poker community was hit by more controversy over at America's Card Room during the latest run of their $35,000 guaranteed PLO Sunday Special tournament.

Top 5 Most Despised Names in Poker History

There is quite a bit of internet chatter about how the poker world has always been full of unsavoury characters. That will never change; but just who are considered to be the top of the bad list?

Sorel Mizzi, Foul Play?

Sorel '1mperium' Mizzi, one time Pocketfives MTT leaderboard king, stands accused of reverting to his old ways.

Scammy Sammy and High Stakes Thieves

Last week saw one of the game's elite players take the step of going public after clearly having had enough with getting the run around over a loan he had given out.

When Is it Time to Move Up Stakes?

​The answer to this question can be as complicated as we decide to make it. Conversely, we can take a simple approach as well. Let's take a look at what factors we need to be aware of when deciding if we should move up from our current stakes.

Live Poker Events, 3 years ago

First Time Poker Tournament Tips

A collection of advice for any player going to their first poker tournament.

When is it Safe to Ignore the Pot?

One of our strategists looks at situations where a player might ignore the size of the pot when calculating their next move.

Online Poker , 3 years ago

How to Learn From Your Hand History

A guide to understanding and utilizing the information tracked in your hand history

Can You Still Make a Living Playing Poker?

Making it as a professional poker player is harder than it has ever been. But is it doable at all?

The State of Poker in a Time of Transition

Poker Is Going Through a Serious Transition Phase and No One Knows How it Will Come Out on the Other Side

Is the Microstakes Grind Worth Your Time?

​Are you getting tired of putting in too many hours for a small hourly rate? Is it becoming a bit of a drag? Maybe you think that you're so much better than all these fish you see every day and can't motivate yourself to play $5NL any longer.

Robot Dealers a Very Real Possibility

Min is a robot that is going to attempt to revolutionise the way table games are dealt in casinos and card rooms around the world. She is currently only able to deal Baccarat, but will soon be capable of running a much wider range of games.

The Poker Player's Dress Code

For more than ten years now we have had a debate about whether or not a dress code of some kind should be enforced in professional poker. Being a form of gambling, poker has an uphill struggle to maintain any kind of respectability as it is.

Homegame Etiquette

Even amongst close friends, whenever money is involved, tempers can become heated quit quickly. Trying to get a poker game organised and completed successfully is not as easy as you might think.