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Mateusz has been writing about poker for the better part of the last decade. He's deeply interested in many poker related subjects like psychology, game theory, fitness, nutritional science etc.

Articles by Mateusz Kleczynski

Joe Rogan's Podcast feat. Dan Bilzerian

Dan was recently a guest on a Joe Rogan podcast where he talked a lot about poker and you can find a quick summary of that conversation below.

Top 5 Final Table Hero Calls

​Hero calls are arguably the most attractive type of plays in poker. If we add to that the bright lights, cameras and the context of a final table we get something really special.

Strange Poker Rules You May Not Even Know!

With so many different formats and so many possibilities within those formats even seasoned players can often encounter strange situations that require special - often counterintuitive - rulings.

Online Poker , 4 years ago

Best Sunday Tournament Picks Featuring Tonkaaaa

We're going to try to answer what are the best Sunday tournament picks with a little help from a high stakes tournament pro and immensely popular twitch streamer - Parker "Tonkaaaa" Talbot.

Tonkaaaap's New YouTube Channel

Parker "Tonkaaaap" Talbot is one of the biggest names in the recent wave of popular Twitch poker streamers and he aims to expand his audience with his new YouTube Channel.

The Sickest River Moments

Everyone has a story to tell about that sick river one outer or even sicker triple barrel bluff enabled by the perfect river card.

How to Improve Your Post-Flop Play

With a huge range of possible moves - from open folding with showing one card to massively over betting the flop - it's always hard to determine which post flop line has the highest EV possible.

Worst Mistakes to Make in a 3 Bet Pot

Light 3betting is now an integral part of almost every poker variant at almost every stake and correct play in that kind of spots is absolutely essential for every poker player.

How to Handle Multi-Way Action

Multi-way pots are complicated and we often fail to give them the attention they deserve which is a shame since they can also be very profitable when played correctly.

Poker Strategy for a Very Wet Board

Wet boards require some special attention and ignoring that fact can result in some very costly mistakes.

How to Send Your Opponents on a Tilt

It might actually be profitable to try to induce the state of tilt in our opponents. In this article, we're going to discuss the potential risks and benefits of that approach and give you some tips on how to correctly execute it.

Pro Player Training Regimen

​We all enjoy watching our favorite pros playing poker at the highest level both live and online, but it's easy to forget that those brief moments of glory are the effect of long hours of training.

Mental Exercises to Maximize Your Poker Play

Just like you need to regularly perform a set of physical exercises in order to increase your strength, you have to choose appropriate mental exercises in order to improve your mental capabilities.

My Poker Jam List

Many poker players can't imagine long grueling poker sessions without their favorite tunes playing in the background.

How Can Physical Fitness Help Your Poker Game?

Poker players are a risk group for developing many different diseases and disorders associated with prolonged sitting, lack of physical activity and - very often - isolation.