€1Million Triton Cash Game Featured Dwan, Ivey & Antonius!

5 years ago
€1Million Triton Cash Game Featured Dwan, Ivey & Antonius!
17 May

It's been awhile since we had a cash game spectacle of this scale; Triton Poker following up their High Stakes Macau tournament with a live stream of a monster stakes NLH game in Monaco. 

With big names and a collosal buy in of €1,000,000 minimum, this is probably the highest stakes cash game ever televised (or streamed) anywhere ever. Some of those big names include old school titans of the game like Patrik Antonius and Phil Ivey; and a grab bag of high stakes players drawing heavily on Macanese big game regs – these included ST Wang, Rui Cao, Tom Dwan, Paul Phua, Jason Koon and Kane Kalas.

The commentary booth drew in a ton of stars too opening with Tatjana Pasalic kicking off proceedings and Nanonoko joining shortly thereafter, even charisma vacuum Durrrr did a stint, and was uncharacteristically charming

Trigger warning: if you’re sick of hearing about short-deck poker, turn off now.

Chips – and plaques – were flying right from the offing, with the blinds starting at €2k/€4k and a big blind ante that starts out at €4k few pots were coming in much less than €100k

There was some extraordinary play with “Shanghai” Wang pushing ST Wang off his trip kings with a bizarre bluff to take a nearly quarter-million Euro pot. Ivey’s triumphant return to the ring was somewhat dampened by his near €800k loss over the course of the session. And Tom Dwan was Tom Dwan throughout. Jason Koon and Kane Kalas got caught up in a €1.8million pot that I won’t spoil for you.

And as if all that wasn’t enough, by the end our degens had bumped the ante up to €10k to agitate up a little more action. It got real sick real fast.

You can watch the full Twitch stream below. It gets started with the end of the previous tournament aired, so skip to about minute 50 to get to the cash game.

Watch €1 Million Cash Game with Phil Ivey, Tom "durrrr" Dwan and Dan "Jungleman" Cates from TritonPoker on www.twitch.tv

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