$75,000 Ninja Warrior Prop Bet Dispute Between Shaun Deeb and Tony Miles

1 month ago
$75,000 Ninja Warrior Prop Bet Dispute Between Shaun Deeb and Tony Miles
25 Jun

The poker community are incensed once again by Shaun Deeb, this week reneging on a Ninja Warrior prop bet he lost to 2018 WSOP Main Event runner-up, Tony Miles...

Miles explains that he stood to gain $75,000 from a bet with Deeb if he could advance one round in the American Ninja Warrior game show on NBC.

That’s exactly what he did when the show resumed this year, but an argument erupted when Deeb disputed the terms of the bet.

Miles fell at stage five, though that was good enough to make it through the round. Deeb, however, claimed that Miles had to actually finish the course and press the buzzer to make it through.

No stranger to controversy or ignorant behaviour, Deeb blocked Miles on social media and then shared two clips on Twitter, the first including accusations of a bounced cheque from Miles in 2018...

...with the second mentioning text messages relating to the “buzzer” criteria being part of the bet, and then claiming Miles’ claims of sobriety are “fake” and “lies”.

Miles decided that a protracted dispute with his former friend wasn’t worth the hassle, stating:

“In the spirit of sportsmanship and in an attempt to remain positive through this amazing experience, I’ve decided to pay him the $5k.”

Miles explained:

“While I disagree that I lost, it is my desire to avoid potential unneeded drama, unfruitful toxicity, and to spare a heated dispute on Twitter. I would like to say that in my mind, after re-reading Shaun’s original tweet, revisiting the narrative of this journey, I believe wholeheartedly that I won the bet." 

About the missing “buzzer” element of the bet, he said:

“I may have trained for a buzzer, but a buzzer was not the action. I successfully made it on the program, and I advanced a round. I’ll leave it up to the public to decide.”

The public were quick to pick up on the disagreement...

...with many more upset by Deeb’s personal attacks, Sam Grafton tweeting: “Delete all this and repost without the attacks on his sobriety,” others also picking up on this bone of contention, a selection below...

  • I can’t clarify anything about your bet, but imho his sobriety and how he manages it is not your business to share. Some people consider smoking weed and microdosing as part of managing sobriety. Neither have the catastrophic damage associated with addictive substances.
  • airing his personal problems such as drug issues comes off super bad ! Sure understand not being paid but why his personal business?
  • Even if @TonyMilesPoker is a liar u Shaun are a complete douche and I sincerely hope nobody ever gives u action on anything again w the way ur acting over this...also Tony clearly won the bet

Serial slow-rolling Deeb’s previous spats include taking aim at Bryn Kenney and his bankroll management, clashing with Daniel Negreanu in a series of offensive tweets, Negreau later calling Deeb a cheat. Deeb has also fallen out with casinos, claimed William Kassouf hit on his wife, and argued publicly with David “Viffer” Peat over alleged debts.

Who will be next to run afoul of poker’s most obnoxious player? Answers on our social media please!

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