Antonio Esfandiari to Fight Kevin Hart – For Real!

9 months ago
Antonio Esfandiari to Fight Kevin Hart – For Real!
31 Jul

Finally the poker world has found a boxing match worthy of Madison Square Garden, with news that comedian/poker player Kevin Hart will take on the mighty Antonio Esfandiari – the ‘Magician’ getting 35-1 odds!

It’s been quite a promising week for poker fight fans, JNandez challenging Doug Polk to a $50k slugfest and Luke ‘Full_Flush’ Schwartz apparently involved in a £200k boxing challenge with fellow Brit Daniel Merrilees, but Hart vs Esfandiari may be the only one to actually happen…

"Kevin Hart and I were playing the other day, we were hanging out ... and somehow boxing comes up," Antonio told TMZ when they ran into him in the street. "So, we made a bet. And, in March, around March, we are going to box in a ring."

And the 35-1 odds, which just HAS to be worth a decent punt even if the Magician fights like a frightened rabbit poking its head out of the hat?

That’s because Hart is "in better shape…he's an athlete…and he's fast as hell," claimed Esfandiari, and anyone who saw him take on Usain Bolt in the #gameon challenge will know just what he means…

Despite the proposed boxing bout, Hart and Esfandiari are actually friends, although that hasn’t stopped such prop bets in the past, as the Gus Hansen – Theo Jorgensen fight showed…

– although there’s no price tag on this one so far, and Hart hasn’t confirmed his involvement yet.

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