JNandez Offers Doug Polk $50k Boxing Match

1 year ago
JNandez Offers Doug Polk $50k Boxing Match
23 Jul

The long-running Doug Polk/JNandez squabble took a serious twist today when Fernando ‘JNandez87’ Habegger decided he’d had enough of Polk’s bullying and challenged the Upswing Poker guru to a $50,000 winner-takes-all boxing match, telling Polk:

“Stand your ground or remain that little, little bitch behind the camera”.

The shock offer of a fight to settle their differences came after several bouts of tit-for-tat videos, each accusing the other of reneging on business deals, accusations of financial impropriety and breaking contracts… and online crusher ‘JNandez’ had evidently had enough…

“You have been bullying so many people in this industry to push your brand and push your product… If you wanna come after me, let’s fight…” said Nandez, visibly distressed by the end of his challenge.

Chicago Joey Ingram, a one-time friend of Nandez and embroiled in the recent stramash himself as someone who made money from the Upswing Poker lab content at the heart of the dispute, was quick to joke about the proposed fight…

JNandez, who earlier this year resigned acrimoniously from Upswing Poker which Polk co-owns, gave YouTube vlogging star Polk 48 hours to respond to the boxing offer.

“Take me up on this challenge. You have 48 hours to reply if you want to stand face to face your ground or remain that little, little bitch behind the camera that you have been for so long.”

Habegger/Nandez’s video had started off in ‘normal’ fashion – an attempt to dispute the numbers and data which Polk had earlier produced to rebut Nandez’s even earlier claims that, among other things, Polk and Upswing owed him in the region of $90,000.

Towards the end, however, Nandez took a different tack – decrying Polk’s ability to “lawyer up” and put together well-edited videos in order to make people look bad

“I dismiss violence, never touched anyone, no experience… but I’m going to make an excuse for Doug Polk, I’m going to make an excuse in order to get revenge for all these guys you’ve been hurting and dragging into the muck with your videos,” stated Nandez.

He also claimed that if Polk accepts and loses, he would use the $50,000 “to get as many people as I can into the Colossus event at the WSOP next year.”

I’m not looking to profit anything from this,” said Nandez. “I’m trying to protect the poker industry and I’m trying to create justice for the situation others have encountered, and myself.”

He further explained:

“If you want to take me up on this challenge and prove you’re not just a bully, like in school, but you want to stand your ground on an even playing field where we both have the same chances; we have the same height the same weight, the same age – I have no experience at all, in boxing – any martial arts”.

It isn’t the first time Polk has been challenged to a boxing match to settle differences with another poker player, back in 2015 Doc Sands offering him out for $500k but Polk asking for months of preparation because he “wasn’t in shape”.

Meanwhile, JNandez also has a second battle on his hands as former employees released yet another damaging account of his alleged shady business practices, following yesterday’s ‘scarf scam controversy’.

Polk’s response to the boxing challenge is likely to be given live tonight as he appears on Joey Ingram’s podcast…

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