Cate Hall Hints at Retirement From Poker

2 years ago
Cate Hall Hints at Retirement From Poker
04 Jun

In a recent social media post, Cate Hall revealed to her followers that it may soon be time to leave the game of poker behind and move on to something else.

The 34-year-old outspoken poker pro indicated that she had recently taken some time away from the game. Upon her return to the grind, Hall apparently realized that poker was no longer as satisfying as it once was.

Talk of Hall's retirement from the game may not come as a surprise to some. It was just two years ago that she told Cardplayer that:

“Poker is something that I’m not planning to do for a long time, probably only a year or two more.” 

With the 2018 WSOP in full swing, don't expect to see much of Cate at the Rio poker tables. At least until the Main Event begins, which may turn out to be Hall's swan song.

Cate surpassed $1 million in live tournament cashes last year. With a law degree on her resume, Hall's options for the future are many.

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