Dan Bilzerian Bought Fake Police Credentials for Himself

5 years ago
Dan Bilzerian Bought Fake Police Credentials for Himself
01 May

Infamous Instagram playboy Dan Bilzerian asked for the weapon of a policeman during last year’s Las Vegas mass shooting claiming to be a law enforcement officer himself - turns out he simply paid for phony police credentials.

There are many people who doubt Bilzerian’s claims about his success in poker; and as it turns out, there are others who had suspicions about other self-proclaimed achievements of the millionaire social media star - the latter suspicions have been proven correct.

Larry Barker for KRQE investigated the agency which issued Bilzerian’s police credentials and found out it was completely fraudulent. It was uncovered that a small town of only 430 people, Lake Arthur, New Mexico,  established an “all-reserve police force”  supposedly to help keep order in the community - however, no training was required to join the force, only a $400 fee needed to be paid. The majority of the recruits don’t even live in the state of New Mexico.

Bilzerian was present at the country music concert in Las Vegas last October where Stephen Paddock opened fire at the crowd from his Mandalay Bay hotel window. Allegedly Bilzerian was citing his fraudulent police credentials when he was asking a police officer to hand his gun over to him.

The “King of Instagram” won’t be able to play police officer with his fake credentials anymore, however, since the mayor of Lake Arthur has revoked the fake papers after national media picked up the story. The police chief who started the reserve program, Will Norwood has been placed on leave.

Bilzerian himself may be in trouble with the law if he used those fake credentials as a concealed carry permit in all 50 states, since the Law Enforcement Protection Act allows carrying firearms for certified officers - the investigators believe that was the main reason many people applied for the reserve force. The Navy SEAL trainee dropout isn’t the only high-profile person in trouble because of the scandal: actual Navy SEAL and author Marcus Luttrell, billionaire Robert Mercer, and martial arts experts Royce and Royler Gracie and David Adiv were also among the team of fake policemen.

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