Dan Bilzerian To Run For President

1 year ago
Dan Bilzerian To Run For President
15 Nov

Dan Bilzerian, also known as ‘The King Of Instagram’, has claimed that he will be running in the next US Presidency Campaign.

About Dan Bilzerian

The 30 million followers Instagram star, who is known for publicizing his extravagant lifestyle on the social media outlet, claims to have won all of his money from poker. Despite a hefty trust fund from his father, the poker playboy has accumulated a net worth of an estimated $150m and has his eyes set on the White House.

Although frowned upon by many, Dan’s lifestyle choices have been nothing short of controversy in the past. Known for throwing a pornstar of a roof, eating steak of a naked model, and his frequent broadcasting of firing machine guns, it would be fair to say that Bilzerian is fearless in his ventures and not to be taken lightly.

Presidential Plans

Speaking with TMZ, Dan says that the year 2024 will give him enough time to have his affairs in order. He also thinks that he may be competing with superstar rapper Kanye West saying, ‘I think he’ll be running against me. We’ll see’ also adding that Kanye would be ‘better than Hilary’ as a presidential candidate.

Dan has also elaborated on his plan to run for president in a podcast with True Geordie earlier this year. Not to mention launching a ‘presidential campaign’ of his own back in 2015 with a bunch of bikini models in a nightclub.

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