Doyle Brunson Gets KO'd by Twitter Trolls

11 months ago
Doyle Brunson Gets KO'd by Twitter Trolls
11 Oct

The 432,000 Twitter followers of Doyle Brunson will not be reading any tweets from the Godfather of Poker anytime soon, as Texas Dolly has announced a self-imposed hiatus from posting on the social media platform.

Health is not the reason for the absence of tweets from the octogenarian and 10-time WSOP champ, but rather the responses he receives from internet trolls who don't agree with his sometimes outlandish and misguided views. Brunson has been very outspoken on matters of politics and controversies such as the right to bear arms, with the latter issue seemingly the one that broke the camel's back and put Brunson on the sidelines claiming that posting on Twitter "has ceased to be fun."

In the wake of the mass shooting in Las Vegas on Oct. 1 that claimed the lives of almost 60 and left hundreds more injured, gun control and the debate over 2nd amendment rights has once again become a hot button issue. A staunch supporter of the 2nd amendment, Texas Dolly infuriated many with this post:

A heated debate ensued, with Brunson getting lambasted from the anti-gun crowd that included poker pros and the public at large. It resulted in the 84-year-old blocking a number of Twitter trollers, something he seemingly does on a regular basis when his silly viewpoints that include supporting Donald Trump are opposed by followers.

If you're going to post your opinions for all the world to see, you have to expect some blowback from those who oppose your line of thinking. And if that line of thinking includes advocating for guns to be allowed in poker rooms, it's not surprising that many would strongly disagree and express their opinions accordingly.

Feeling harassed and persecuted, Brunson tweeted the following a few days ago and has remained silent ever since:

A follower of Brunson's named Mike Vandenburg perhaps said it best with this reply to Texas Dolly and his announcement that he would be sitting out of social media for awhile:

"When I follow poker players I like to see poker stuff. Not their opinions on world issues or politics."


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