Buehlero Quits YouTube Due to Trolls

1 year ago
Buehlero Quits YouTube Due to Trolls
10 Oct

If you only use YouTube to keep up with your online poker videos, you may have wondered where Buehlero has been for the last few months. After the video entitled $109 Party Poker Final Table back on the 24th June 2017 his channel fell completely silent for a couple of months.

However, after being chivvied up a bit by his fans on the site, he has recently put out a video pretty much shutting down and bidding auf wiedersehen to his channel. The video also provides a couple of the reasons he has laid off the vids. In part he’s been to do with being busy with a temporary move back to Germany, a few weeks away from his Edinborough apartment until his new sponsor Natural 8’s UK license comes through.

Paying the Troll Toll

He is also still grinding 5 days a week on Twitch, but his feelings about YouTube seem to be that the lack of interaction bores him. Where he can converse with his community on the former, he finds the whole commenting experience on the latter to much like one-way traffic.

And where it does become two way, trolls have sapped the joy from the experience. This is perhaps unsurprising given the mephitic cloud of pseudo-masculinity that often pervades poker’s online communities.

He is just not having any fun with it any more. And, as he puts it in the video, “why the fuck would [he] have a worse time doing what I’m doing?”

Fare the Well Buehlero, And All Who Sailed In Him

So while it sounds like Buehlero doesn’t rule out shooting trip-report style vlogs if he finds himself schlepping out to a live event, the Twitch highlight videos are kaput. His archive will remain up but no new videos for the foreseeable. YouTube just isn’t really his jam anymore, and this will save him the shekels he was forking out for an editor.

You can still find him putting his hours in on the Twitch stream and watch his farewell video. 

Give us your thoughts in the comments; but make sure to “take it easy with the hate.”

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