Doyle Brunson Trolls Phil Hellmuth and Daniel Negreanu

1 year ago
Doyle Brunson Trolls Phil Hellmuth and Daniel Negreanu
13 Sep

Doyle Brunson may have turned 84 years old last month, but the grandaddy of poker hasn’t turned into a grumpy old man, his latest tweet showing that his sense of humour has remained intact since he first took to the felt more than 50 years ago.

The Poker Hall of Famer and 10-times WSOP bracelet winner is always happy to have a sly and well-humoured dig at his friends and rivals, and both Hellmuth and Negreanu are easy pickings – the ‘Poker Brat’ never short of a self-aggrandising statement or two and ‘Kid Poker’ somehow able to fit poker into his schedule of political rants.

Hellmuth recently commiserated with Doug Polk after knocking him out of the King of the Hill heads-up event, telling the ‘youngster’:

“I’m pretty sure I was going to shake your hand and be happy anyway.”

Negreanu, as almost everyone knows from his incredible tweeting rate around the time of the US election last year which brought Trump to power, has a fierce hatred for the POTUS, going so far as to take out US citizenship in order to vote against him and even offering $100,000 for Trump to show his penis!

And what spurred Brunson into his witty competition? Apparently Negreanu – a long-time vegan – took umbrage at one of Doyle’s ‘disaster rescue tweets…

Brunson’s follow-up tweet spawned a number of excellent ‘shortest book’ title nominations, suggestions including…

…naturally referring to the mouthy Englishman’s inability to stay quiet and not bother the other player’s at his table, the most famous case of which resulted in an almighty and infamous blow-up at last year’s WSOP Main Event.

One of the most stinging titles put forward was the following…

Newhouse becoming famous for making back-to-back final tables at the Main Event, and finishing in 9th spot both times, a crushing blow to the North Carolina man.

Even Tom Dwan gets into the mix, his occasional ‘any two cards and play them until you win the pot’ approach leading to this little gem…

…and then we were back to having a dig at ‘Know-it-all Negreanu’

Of course, being the interweb, among the wittier efforts were some which can’t be repeated in a family-friendly site such as PokerTube… but a dig at scammer extraordinaire Chino Rheem is always warranted and it wasn’t long in appearing…

Now, for an ‘old man’ Doyle Brunson seems to be keeping up with the modern world and its technological advances extremely well, but his own ‘shortest book title’ might have a different reason behind it, as he revealed last week showing that he’s capable of poking fun at himself too …

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