Joe Ingram Shuts Alec Torelli Down Over ‘Editing Lies’

2 years ago
Joe Ingram Shuts Alec Torelli Down Over ‘Editing Lies’
27 Mar

Anyone who saw the tweets advertising a podcast in which Doug Polk’s bro: Joey Ingram, and infamous angle-marksman Alec Torelli in one-on-one “conversation” might have been forgiven for feeling a little like Cassandra. Surely that is going to go badly, you might have thought. 

Even as the advertisements suggested a pleasant tea for two scenario in which the basically prim salesperson Torelli would bridge the divide with one half of poker’s nearest thing to Jackass.

Briefly concerned that he might not be the centre of attention, Doug Polk had something to say on the matter and may have been priming the fuse a bit when he went on to chide Joey for being “on the fence” about Torelli. 

What happened next had all the grace and dignity of a locomotive derailing, and had some of the can’t-look-away horror of it too. Ingram came out firing, talking over Torelli and generally doing his best attempt to sound like Jeremy Paxman, but ending up sounding an awful lot like one of your drunk relatives at Christmas. Torelli was predictably weaselly in addressing Ingram’s questions when he did get a word in, and managed to somehow seamless integrate a sales pitch into his assault on Doug Polk.

Being mean about Doug Polk it turns out is Joey Ingram’s Kryptonite and to make the whole thing seem even more like a pair of infants squaring off over a sandcastle, Joey kicked the whole thing down and hung up in a huff.

Poker is an odd world where you can break a person, win their spouse and home off them and they’ll bear you no ill will. But if you say the wrong thing about Amaya’s rake policy, or fail to apologise for shitty chip placement (whether deliberate or accidental), there are some out there who will never forgive you. Especially if Doug Polk made a joke about it one time.

Not that all the blame should fall on Ingram and Torelli for looking like total cocks, it's hard not to assume Live At The Bike were hoping for something like this when they chose the line up. They got their controversy, unfortunately I’m not sure “unprofessional, sordid and infantile” was the kind of controversy they were hoping for.

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