Liv Boeree Under Attack for Annie Duke Defense

4 years ago
Liv Boeree Under Attack for Annie Duke Defense
19 Apr

Former poker player Annie Duke may be well used to receiving abuse for her shady practices over the years, but it was Liv Boeree in the firing line on Twitter, the English pro coming under heavy fire for first promoting, then defending, Duke – claiming that there is another side to the story which others haven’t heard.

High-stakes pro Scott Seiver was first in line to pull Boeree up about her support for Duke, whose book ‘Thinking in Bets’ was released earlier this year, tweeting in no uncertain terms about Duke’s history…

For the uninitiated, Annie Duke’s terrible reputation in the game comes from her involvement in the Ultimate Bet scandal - and more clearly in  the ill-fated Epic Poker League ‘which defrauded players out of a "guaranteed" million dollar freeroll’ according to Daniel Negreanu back in 2015, the Canadian having a long-running feud with Duke and once calling her “a fucking cunt” in an unsavoury outburst.

Liv Boeree, however, was not bowed by Seiver’s Twitter attack and replied with both barrels

The level of the debate got lower even as the standard of player in the arguments stayed at the highest level, Jason Mercier, Justin ‘Stealthmunk’ Schwartz and David Williams all having their say, with Boeree none too happy about it and telling Mercier to ‘go fuck yourself…’

Boeree and Duke share a similar platform nowadays, professional motivational speaking and decision strategy at the top of the list for Duke and TED talks taking up Boeree’s free time and energy

…although unlike Duke, the English woman still manages to mix it with the best at the poker tables when she plays. 

Back to the Twitter shitstorm kicked off by Boeree’s contentious comments and the meme’s were coming in thick and fast, and if a picture paints a thousand words then perhaps Liv should reconsider her cryptic ‘I know something you don’t’ defense…

It’s rather unlikely this little Twitter brouhaha will die down quickly, and more likely it will resurrect the Annie Duke scamster stories – although whether she cares at all is another thing entirely. Perhaps Liv Boeree can help explain?

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