Mike Matusow Sold 700 Bitcoin Which Cost Him $35Million

9 months ago
Mike Matusow Sold 700 Bitcoin Which Cost Him $35Million
22 Sep

The legendary Mike Matusow is never far from the headlines and this week he hit them again, Ike Haxton having a laugh at the expense of “The Mouth” who claimed to have sold more than 700 Bitcoin before the cryptocurrency really took off, which would have been worth $35million today...

For those who don’t quite get the joke, Ponzu is a sharp, citrus-tasting sauce used in Japanese cuisine – Matusow obviously meaning Ponzi scheme – something all poker players should be familiar with.

Along with the likes of Shaun Deeb, the 4-time bracelet winning Matusow’s social media feed is a source of great mirth due to its often staggeringly-inept use of the English language.

His claims are also quite incredible, often political and changing like the wind, but his Bitcoin disaster is perfectly believable, although Matusow’s timing seems a bit off compared to the price of Bitcoin.

GetLuckyPoker was an online Bitcoin poker site that had the backing of Matusow as well as the Mizrachi brothers, Michael and Robert – Michael the main driving force behind the site.

It didn’t get much beyond beta testing in 2015, however, and Bitcoin had been at $300+ for a year or two prior to that, some 20x higher than Matusow’s figure.

Had Mike held on to his cryptocurrency, his claims of owning $10k worth of Bitcoin at $14 each would amount to $35,000,000 at today’s prices.

It’s been a tough week for Matusow on Twitter, his WSOP markup causing a massive controversy as he asked for 1.3 to 1.5 for a piece of his action in the $10k+ events.

Never shy to fight his own corner, Mike lashed out at Tony Dunst in particular, a series of tweets calling out the pro/commentator for having no respect for his achievements...

With Matusow also embroiled in the recent WSOP vaccination controversy, it seems like a busy summer of social media warfare could well spill over into the annual summer series in Vegas.

Of course, we’ll bring you all the best of the action both on and off the tables as it happens, so be sure to check in regularly and share your own thoughts and views on the latest poker happenings on our social media channels.

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