Negreanu Owed ‘Closer to 8 Figures’ in Bad Debts

1 year ago
Negreanu Owed ‘Closer to 8 Figures’ in Bad Debts
26 Jun

Former PokerStars legend Daniel Negreanu revealed this week that fellow players owe him $millions in loans, stating they amounted to ‘closer to 8 figures’ when the number $1million was thrown out there on Twitter…

The shocking number didn’t come with any names just yet, of course, but 51% of the almost 30,000 who responded believed that the Canadian should ‘out’ the dishonest ones who owe.

The poker world, particularly at higher stakes, has always relied on loans to keep the games running smoothly, but there have also always been those who take advantage of others.

Earlier this year we reported on the Eli Elezra saga, the Israeli legend of High Stakes Poker running into some serious trouble after claiming in an AMA on the 2 plus2 forum to promote his book:

“I always pay my debts”.

That, it transpired, was far from the truth – Cole South and Abe Mosseri both going public with claims that Elezra owed them massive sums, $100k and $853k respectively.

It’s not clear what Negreanu plans to do with the results of his Twitter poll – some suggesting it’s a way to scare his debtors into coughing up what they owe.

One Twitter fan came up with a very interesting idea….

…and the majority, thankfully, in favour of outing the dishonest among them, with Barry Carter asking the (rather more than) $64,000 question…

In a curious twist of irony, the most notorious loan scammer in poker over the past few years, David Chino Rheem, doesn’t get a mention, although he has regularly been defended in the past by Negreanu…

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