Somerville and Veldhuis Agree on Ultimate Sweat Prop Bet!

3 years ago
Somerville and Veldhuis Agree on Ultimate Sweat Prop Bet!
03 May

Props For Life

Prop bets don’t always serve much purpose. Huck Seed doing 24 hours in the Ocean earns him a little money and probably an ear infection, but occasionally something comes along that’s relatable enough that everyone wants in.

Right now, that bet is the Staples’ bros ultimate sweat. Everyone wants in on that not-too-much-sweet-please Staples brothers action now. Jaime and Matt’ friend Jordan Ryan shot a full length documentary of their year of getting closer (in weight).

Now Jason Somerville and Lex Veldhuis have taken up the spirit of the bet and run with it in a new direction.

Staples Fever

Where the Staples had to converge in weight over a year, Jason and Lex have opted for something more continuous. Five 30-minute ‘sweat breaking’ workouts a week that ‘doesn’t include the sex’, until October 2018’s Run It Up Reno

There’s a $3,000 fine for skipping a week and $10,000 for quitting altogether.

"I’ve been pretty busy the last year and not motivated to do much athletics - but now I’ll need to do my best not to owe Lex a pile of money," said Jason.
"We’re both very similar in that we work long days," Lex added, continuing. "Neither of us is willing to sacrifice much of that time to invest in working out, but we both know it would be smart to do so."

Desk Potato Be Gone

The reference to Staples here is not just speculation, Lex has said that it was the brother’s bet was the inspiration for proposing the idea to Jason. 

"My final goal is to find a permanent spot in my daily routine for workouts so I don’t turn into a desk potato," said Lex.  

Even the Staples have got Staples fever, with the new bet being that both of them need to get under 10% body fat by March 25th 2019. They are starting from 35% (Matt) and 25% (Jaime) with Bill Perkins laying the bet off again. 

And why not, I might have kept my New Years Rezzies if there’d been $3k at stake.

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