Will Kassouf Buys John Hesp Into The GOLIATH

1 year ago
Will Kassouf Buys John Hesp Into The GOLIATH
29 Jul

They are two of the best-known and most talked about Englishmen in the modern game of poker, and now William Kassouf and John Hesp will be taking on the Goliath 2018 Main Event together - after the loud-mouthed version persuaded the loud-clothed one to accept a buy-in deal!

Both men shot to prominence in the Worlds Series of Poker, although for wildly differing reasons…

William Kassouf was spoken to and penalised several times during his deep run in 2016, before it all blew up against Griffin Benger – Kassouf leaving Vegas much richer but also with a certain notoriety which has stayed ever since.

John Hesp, on the other hand, wowed the Vegas crowds a year later with his sartorial choices and down-to-earth demeanour, the semi-retired businessman and grandfather of seven walking off with $2.6million, and almost as many fans to go it.

Since their respective World Series runs, their lives have taken vastly different poker routes – Kassouf loving the attention and scoring even bigger victories

…while Hesp has returned to a quiet life with his family and the occasional £10 buy-ins at his local casino in Hull, cashing for £200 a few months after his ‘bucket list’ Vegas adventure of a lifetime…

So, to see the two together for the Grosvenor Goliath will be a big talking point of the event, and doubtless it took Kassouf’s silver-tongued charm rather than his wallet to convince John Hesp to play above his usual £10 tourney…

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