WSOP Flasher Arrest Report Reveals More Bizarre Behaviour

4 months ago
WSOP Flasher Arrest Report Reveals More Bizarre Behaviour
10 Sep

The arrest record of Ken Strauss, who was ejected from the World Series of Poker in July for flashing his penis then arrested on terrorism charges, has revealed some additional strange behaviour

Video of Strauss dropping his pants and then throwing his shoe at a dealer this summer went viral, the Pittsburgh man then repeating his act at the Luxor casino.

What followed was a meltdown, Strauss appearing to threaten violence against Vegas casinos, police arresting him and charging him with making threats related to terrorism

This week, however, details of the three-week period between his WSOP fiasco and his arrest show some seriously worrying behaviour on his part – including an alleged attempt to lure a young boy to his hotel room.

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department arrest report explains how they were called to the Trump Tower Hotel where Strauss was staying and eventually arrested.

The timeline of Strauss’ Vegas hotel meanderings in the days prior to his arrest, however, makes for interesting reading:

  • July 24th: Strauss stayed at the Red Rock Hotel and according to security reports “attempted to lure an eight-year-old child while at the pool”, something that Strauss denied.
  • July 25th: Kicked out of the Red Rock, Strauss stayed at the Venetian for two nights
  • July 27th: The Venetian contacted police stating they had a ‘suicidal person’ problem, Strauss reportedly claiming that he would ‘harm himself and anyone who comes near him.’ When police arrived, they found that Strauss had taken a taxi to the Trump Tower Hotel, later telling police he chose it because: ‘President Trump is his uncle’.

A series of bizarre tweets from Strauss that day tagged President Trump…

…but also led to concerned Twitter users contacting the police and leading to Strauss’ arrest…

The LVMPD report also details the curious involvement of a private investigator, apparently hired on behalf of LA Rams reporter Sarina Morales, who Strauss apparently believed to be his daughter.

Strauss had reportedly sent a limo back to the Red Rock Hotel to ‘pick up his daughter’, Morales name on his Trump Tower booking alongside his own.

His erratic behaviour continued in police custody, audio recordings capturing him saying “kill them all” and “slice their heads off”.

His subsequent charging saw him held on a $150,000 cash bail bond when he appeared in front of a judge the following day. Strauss is expected to appear in court again today, September 10th.

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