Joeingram1 "ChicagoJoey"

Joseph Ingram AKA Joeingram1 AKA ChicagoJoey is a professional high stakes online poker player and personality.

Joseph Ingram AKA Joeingram1 AKA ChicagoJoey is a professional high stakes online poker player and personality.

Prop Bets

He's most famous for his outgoing charismatic personality, not to mention his whacky and wild prop bets. These include playing 50k hands in 20 hours on Pokerstars (For a $30k win) in 2009. In September 2014, he bet $16k that he could go from 3k Play Chips to 20Million Play Chips in 24 hours. After getting up to 11Million he got all in with AK and lost versus AA, losing the $16k bet.


Joey is also popular for his podcast interviews, in which he interviews poker players in a live, unedited setting, often getting them out of their comfort zone and revealing some insightful parts of their lives. You can watch all of his podcasts below.

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Published 11 months ago

PokerLife Podcast - With Guest JNandez1

This podcast between Joey Ingram and JNandez1 initially aired on August 19, 2014. JNandez aka Fernando Habegger is a long time Pot...

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PokerLife Podcast - With Guest Randy Blumer

Joey Ingram's guest today is a man named Randy Blumer. Randy founded the first ever real money poker site back in the late 90s cal...

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PokerLife Podcast - Will Kassouf is Back!

The Negotiator William Kassouf is back on the Poker Life Podcast, chatting to Joey Ingram about his recent EPT Prague High Roller ...

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PokerLife Podcast - With Guest StarsRegProblems

This Joey Ingram podcast originally aired on June 4, 2014. StarsRegProblems was previously only known on Twitter and no one knew w...

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PokerLife Podcast - With Guest Dan Smith

Dan Smith is back on the PokerLife Ppodcast to talk to Joey Ingram about his charity drive that has raised $650,000 so far, the cu...

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PokerLife Podcast - With Guest Mike Dentale

Mike Dentale joins Joey Ingram on the Poker Life podcast today to talk about his Twitter feud and upcoming heads-up challenge with...

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Bill Perkins #1 Piece of Advice for Life & Poker

Bill Perkins talks to Joey Ingram about treating what you do in your life/job/poker as if your life depended on it and getting the...

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Investigating Cate Hall vs Mike Dentale's Twitter Beef

Joey Ingram sets out to investigate the Twitter beef between podcast favorite Cate Hall and Mike Dentale! The HU4Rollz challenge h...

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ChicagoJoey in Studio with LikeMikeBarrins

Joining Joey Ingram in studio for a random live stream is his friend Mike aka LikeMikeBarrins who can jump higher than any other 5...

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Table Talk - The Debut Episode

The debut episode of Table Talk with Doug Polk and Joey Ingram. Table Talk will be a weekly show where Doug & Joey discuss the cur...

Cumicon and His $7million Misery

The phenomenal success of PLO beast ‘cumicon’ has become not a celebration of the game, but instead a vision of a lonely and miserable existence.

Matt Berkey Hits Back at Doug Polk in TV Poker Row

It’s been a difficult time for high-stakes pro Matt Berkey, losing a $400k+ pot on Poker After Dark and incurring the wrath of Doug Polk for pulling out of a recent game.

Polk Slams Berkey Over Failed Live at The Bike Appearance

Doug Polk’s YouTube broadside this week against fellow highstakes pro Matt Berkey for not appearing at a big cash game has sparked a Twitter storm.

Poker Players Take to Twitter After Las Vegas Massacre

Reactions have been varied, many tweeting in fear of loved ones while others have used Twitter to spread the call for help. Others yet have already started the expected political ‘discourse’.

Phil Galfond is Back!

Although his RunItOnce Poker team are “working very hard”, it was his rather surprising DFS involvement which appeared this week.

Chicago Joey Debuts New TwitchTV Show

Joey ‘Chicago Joey’ Ingram has a new show to add to his award-winning CV, an as yet untitled one hour stint on the ‘Live at the Bike’ TwitchTV channel.

Major Wager: New Poker Reality Show on PokerGO

A reality series based on absurd prop bets has found its way into production at Poker Central and will make its debut next week.

The Dream Cash Game Table: Bilzerian, Dwan, Bellande & Baldwin Assemble!

It was the Aria on Las Vegas Boulevard which saw Bilzerian drop in on his old friend jean Robert Bellande...

This Fold Cost Jungleman $200k

Pretty much the entire poker world was shocked when Cates snap-folded to Hellmuth’s all-in river shove, despite receiving 6-1 odds on the call.

Live Poker Events, 3 months ago

BellagioPots Twitch Live Stream Schedule Announced

The BellagioPOTS fast becoming one of the must-watch Twitch streams for fans of the game, with the likes of Eli Elezra, Tony G and Andrew Neeme showing up in last season’s shows.