Joeingram1 "ChicagoJoey"

Joseph Ingram AKA Joeingram1 AKA ChicagoJoey is a professional high stakes online poker player and personality.

Joseph Ingram AKA Joeingram1 AKA ChicagoJoey is a professional high stakes online poker player and personality.

Prop Bets

He's most famous for his outgoing charismatic personality, not to mention his whacky and wild prop bets. These include playing 50k hands in 20 hours on Pokerstars (For a $30k win) in 2009. In September 2014, he bet $16k that he could go from 3k Play Chips to 20Million Play Chips in 24 hours. After getting up to 11Million he got all in with AK and lost versus AA, losing the $16k bet.


Joey is also popular for his podcast interviews, in which he interviews poker players in a live, unedited setting, often getting them out of their comfort zone and revealing some insightful parts of their lives. You can watch all of his podcasts below.

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ChicagoJoey Live Podacast with Ebony Kenney

Joe Ingram aka 'ChicagoJoey' hanging with Ebony Kenney live on his podcast

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Published 3 years ago

Joeingram1 Poker Massage Girl - Poker Life Podcast

Lifestyle podcast from JoeIngram1 with a popular live poker massage girl.

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PokerLife Podcast - Daniel Negreanu is Back!

Poker Superstar Daniel Negreanu is back on the PokerLife podcast to talk to Joey Ingram about his new podcast, Pokerstars in 2016,...

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PokerTube Podcast with Ebony Kenney

@Joeingram1 PokerTube special podcast with poker pro and model @Ebony_Kenney - Part of Joeingram1s awesome new podcast series that...

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Joe Ingram Poker Life Podcast With Dan 'Jungleman' Cates

Joe Ingram aka 'Chicagojoey' is joined by the legend - Dan 'Jungleman' Cates

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Doug Polk vs Ben Tollerene Dispute

Doug Polk and Ben Tollerene recently got into a dispute on the TwoPlusTwo Poker forums over a business/personal relationship gone ...

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PokerTube Podcast with Lauren Kling

Joeingram1's PokerTube Podcast Livestream with Lauren Kling. Lauren is a professional poker player and entrepreneur who offers Joe...

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PokerLife Podcast - With Guest 'Limitless'

Many people say that it is impossible to go from the micro stakes to the highest stakes cash games on Pokerstars in 2017. Joey Ing...

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Luke Schwartz aka Fullflush 2015 - With JoeIngram1

Luke Schwartz is an English professional poker player was predominantly famous a few years ago for his intense trash-talking in th...

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Impromptu With Ebony Kenney

Ebony Kenney talks to Joe Ingram aka Chicagojoey about poker, life, love and more

Chris Ferguson’s Apology Just Makes Things Worse

Chris “Jesus” Ferguson came forward to “apologise” for his involvement in Full Tilt’s Black Friday collapse, and the millions of dollars poker players lost or had frozen in its wake.

Doyle Brunson Saw Three Guys Die At The Poker Table

Doyle Brunson is the most iconic player poker has ever seen, and his five decades at the top of the game is an absolute goldmine of stories.

Poker Player Shot Outside Texas Card House

Popular poker player and Instagrammer Tom ‘3BetPanda’ is in a serious but stable condition in hospital.

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Americas Cardroom Plagued By Ongoing DDoS Attacks

US-facing poker site Americas Cardroom has been victimized by Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks since April 24.

ACR At It Again With WSOP Satellite Scam

Americas Cardroom has found itself under fire yet again after using the WSOP brand name to boost its profile and tournaments.

Daniel Negreanu Breaks Doug Polks Heart After Twitter Block!!!

When Negreanu blocked Polk from Twitter last week, the great love affair between two of the game’s brightest lights ended acrimoniously.

Matusow’s HPT Westgate Controversy Twitter Attack

Mike ‘The Mouth’ Matusow has launched himself into the HPT Westgate Casino controversy.

Poker Pro Michael Borovetz Scams Travelers at Newark Airport

Tale of degenerate poker pro Michael Borovetz hit the headlines again when the 43-year old Pittsburgh man was arrested for scamming unsuspecting travellers.

HPT Westgate’s Shady 50% Buy-In Offer Upsets Players

A select group of players – dubbed “Matusow’s boys” – were offered a late half-price entry to its $1650 Main Event in order to reduce the event’s overlay.

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ACR Scam Again? Confiscate Players First Big Win!

ACR (Americas Cardroom), part of the Winning Poker Network (WPN) has found itself in Joey Ingram’s bad books once again.