Americas Cardroom Plagued By Ongoing DDoS Attacks

2 years ago
Americas Cardroom Plagued By Ongoing DDoS Attacks
01 May

US-facing poker site Americas Cardroom has been victimized by Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks since April 24, putting the kibosh on most of the online action since last Tuesday, including knocking out the much-ballyhooed Million Dollar Sunday on April 29.

The ACR Twitter account is littered with post after post about the seemingly continuous DDoS attacks. Most of the tweets look something like this:

The ACR blog also posted an article related to the attacks on April 27 that was perhaps aimed at the perpetrators:

"In many instances, these attacks are motivated by financial gain where the attacker asks for a ransom for the attacks to stop. However, it’s our policy to never pay ransom regardless of the cost, as we will never give in to cyber terrorism."

Same Ol' Situation

It isn't known if the DDoS attackers demanded a ransom over the past few days of the latest dastardly doings. However, ACR fell victim to such shenanigans on several occasions in the past in which the culprits sought payment via Bitcoin in order to stop their treacherous ways.

Winning Poker Network CEO Phil Nagy went live on in September 2017 after a series of 26 separate (DDoS) attacks over three days that put his network out of commission for a spell. Nagy said that he was told by an individual in his Twitch chat that the attacks were being carried out by a rival poker room.

Although WPN and ACR refuse to pay any ransom demands, Nagy did say back in September that he would pay a significant sum as a reward to anyone who could unravel the mystery behind the DDoS attacks and identify the perps responsible. The attackers have yet to be identified.

As of this writing, here is the most recent post in the ACR Twitter account:

It appears WPN has now accepted the DDoS attacks as a regular occurrence on the network. A post on the ACR blog started a paragraph by stating the following:

"This isn’t the first time we’ve experienced these attacks, and we’re sure it won’t be the last."

WPN and flagship poker site Americas Cardroom have come under much scrutiny of late. Several recent YouTube videos by Joey Ingram accuse ACR of being infested with bots, overlooking rampant collusion, and suspicions of a possible superuser scandal a la UltimateBet from years past.

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