Joeingram1 Proves Cheating Claims on ACR

3 years ago
Joeingram1 Proves Cheating Claims on ACR
08 Feb

Joe ‘Chicago Joey’ Ingram donned his investigative cap to claim that “cheating” is rife on Americas Card Room (ACR) and named “botting, collusion, multi-accounting and potential superusing” among the numerous ways the site is allowing regular players to be scammed, adding that ACR’s boss “doesn't give a f**k" about the situation.

Ingram, once a regular player on the ACR site, posted a video at the weekend titled ‘Online Poker Cheating EXPOSED On America's Card Room!!!’ in which he talked about “…the cheating, botting, high stakes collusion & possible superusing that I believe to currently be taking place on the Winning Poker Network, aka America's Card Room.”

Ingram added:

"This is a poker site that I've talked about over and over and I do not feel comfortable recommending this poker site anymore.”

Fast forward 5 days and Ingram was back again, releasing an investigation video titled ‘Tournament Poker CHEATING Exposed On Winning Poker Network!!’ on YouTube yesterday, revealing the massive winning stats of certain players who he claims are exploiting a loophole in late registration for tournaments, something which ACR have known about for a long time and done nothing to stop or prevent.

“New video on an exploit in the registration system on WPN that has resulted in accounts being banned and some of the highest in the money cash rates that exist in online poker today. I found 13 accounts allegedly banned for this, 2 confirmed by ACR, and up to 30 accounts total active with these same winrates/play patterns,” Ingram stated of his seconds piece on the cardroom.

The popular podcaster had apparently given ACR’s CEO Phil Nagy prior warning of his first video but claims that Nagy took 6 days to respond to his offer of sharing the evidence of foul play, Ingram stating it was clear that Nagy “doesn't give a f**k".

"This loophole has been known by ACR for quite some time and nothing had been done to fix it,” Ingram stated in a 2+2 post, adding that, "These accounts were also detected by the help of a rogue man who wouldn't take no for an answer from ACR security. Otherwise, they would have gone undetected, as the current active accounts are able to do."

The news of Ingram’s investigation, using evidence originally supplied by an anonymous source, sparked a host of supportive posts on the 2+2 forum, although many wanted more proof, something which Ingram believes only the ACR bosses themselves can provide.

"For WPN to look deeper in to. We are counting on you guys", was the heading of Ingram’s latest post yesterday, in which he asked ACR to look into numerous examples of cheating, including the pointed question: "HOW THE HELL HAVE PEOPLE BEEN BANNED FOR USING THIS YET IT STILL EXISTS?? How are the players achieving such absurd win rates???"

With Ingram’s cheating expose going viral in the poker community, ACR’s network bosses finally responded - with a stock statement which failed to please the majority of the 2+2 posters:

"The Winning Poker Network is thoroughly investigating all claims recently brought to our attention through social media channels regarding alleged unfair gameplay practices from certain accounts on Network brands," read the opening line.

It added amongst other things that ‘We will investigate each report and develop further analysis of player activities. WPN will act on what it may determine, while respecting player privacy concerns among other matters', although as poster ’golfbum983’ (an old ‘forum foe’ of this writer) pointed out:

"It’s basically a template that all poker sites use when there are allegations against them. It doesn’t mean they will do anything, it’s just to make us think they will."

PokerTube will report on further developments on this story as and when they appear.

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