ACR Confirm Cheating and Issue Refunds

2 years ago
ACR Confirm Cheating and Issue Refunds
14 Mar

Cheating at America’s Card Room has been confirmed this week, with the site refunding players and stating they have “investigated and recently uncovered unfair gameplay practices” – the announcement adding fuel to the fire lit by Joe ‘Chicago Joey’ Ingram, who released his latest video on the ACR cheating scandal.  

Joe Ingram’s latest indictment of the WPN response to the recent claims covers a lot of ground, Ingram posting it on 2+2 with the leading ‘talking about the Winning Poker Network CONFIRMING cheating on the site & issuing refunds to cash game players, bots being banned & reappearing, comments made by ACR CEO & the connection between software creator IG Soft & shady skin PokerKing…’

In it he reveals the e-mail one player received, along with a $1500 refund, which read:

"The Winning Poker Network Game Integrity Department has investigated and recently uncovered unfair gameplay practices carried out by a player on the WPN that breached our terms and conditions. While we cannot publicly disclose the name, specific activity, or account associated with this offense, we have closed access to this player's account."

Ingram was the first person of any note to go public about his suspicions that ACR ignored multi-accounting and the use of bots and on their site, last month releasing a damning investigative account which named named “botting, collusion, multi-accounting and potential superusing” among the numerous ways the site is allowing regular players to be scammed, adding that ACR’s boss “doesn't give a f**k" about the situation.

Phil Nagy, the CEO of the Winning Poker Network (WPN) which includes ACR among its skins, has also seen his site’s advertising pulled from the popular TwoPlusTwo poker communityMason Malmuth stating two weeks ago:

“As of the time of this writing, March 1, 2018, we have not heard back from them and have decided to take the following action. Two Plus Two Interactive LLC will not accept any more advertising from Winning Poker Network and their sub-forum will be closed.”

Malmuth explained that on the back of the concerns shown by many players and forum posters:

“We sent their CEO Phil Nagy an email letter where we addressed four issues: late tournament registration (which we now understand has been addressed), bots, possible super users, and other possible collusion.”

Nagy finally made a public statement on the sordid affair this week, telling USpoker:

I know exactly where the money comes from and I know where it goes…Have we banned people and their bots? Yeah! Have we caught them? Yeah.”

He claims, however, to be unable to name those who are caught, stating that breaking the ACR ‘privacy policy’ could see many innocent players named and shamed in error – although one 2+2 poster was quick to point out:

"I remember Nagy saying quite emphatically in a podcast that he would ban real players by accident to illustrate how determined he is to getting rid of bots…"

Until Phil Nagy and his WPN get a real grip on the problems facing the genuine players on their site, this sorry saga seems set to run and run

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