Dan Bilzerian Calls Vanessa Kade a ‘Hoe’ on First Day as GG Poker Ambassador

4 months ago
Dan Bilzerian Calls Vanessa Kade a ‘Hoe’ on First Day as GG Poker Ambassador
05 Dec

Dan Bilzerian has kicked off his new role as a GGPoker ambassador with a blazing row on Twitter, calling Canadian poker player and streamer Vanessa Kade a “hoe” – the spelling error maybe the least of his problems…

That was in response to Kade calling out Bilzerian for his well-documented previous as a misogynist, the self-styled King of Instagram having previously criticised the #MeToo movement and faced charges of kicking a woman in the face at a nightclub.

Kade has already changed her Twitter profile to that of a ‘hoe’, ridiculing Bilzerian’s inability to correctly spell the two-letter ‘ho’, a street-slang version of ‘whore’.

GGPoker’s decision to bring Bilzerian on board as a brand ambassador had already been met with derision, with Bilzerian’s alleged poker skills a regular point of discussion in the community.

His claims to have won more than $50million at poker, playing private games with stakes as high as $10,000/$25,000 have never been validated.

His wealth, however, is thought to have come from his father Paul, who was convicted and imprisoned on nine counts of stock and tax fraud, and is believed to have hidden vast sums of his money away.

For many, though, his finances and highstakes poker experience makes no difference given his other behaviour.

Julie Bonnet tweeted:

‘Why is everyone on here talking about him being broke instead of being appalled that he is apparently a misogynist? There are several women who clearly agree who know him. That seems horrifying. But everyone cares about his bank account. I don’t give a duck how much $$ he has.’

Well-known TwitchTV gamer and artist ‘djarii’ joined in the condemnation of Bilzerian, but somehow wasn’t surprised by his signing:

'I'm not a poker player, not really, but I've played for Unibet, GG and WSOP and if there's anything I've learned from my cards experience, is that the industry is absolutely plagued by sexism. It's disgusting to see companies continue to support creators who embody this.'

Bilzerian’s misogynist behaviour goes way back, and his use and abuse of women has been well-documented.

In 2014, he was banned from a Miami nightclub for allegedly kicking a model in the face during a brawl, though Vanessa Castanno later dropped her lawsuit.

Previously Bilzerian had faced another lawsuit after throwing an adult movie star from the roof of a house during a photoshoot, Janice Griffith breaking her foot in the incident. Those charges were also later dropped.

He is regularly photographed eating food off of the naked bodies of women, partying with sex workers, getting his hair cut by topless women wearing bowties, or publicly stating that “Ugly girls hurt my eyes."

In 2018 Bilzerian tweeted:

'This #MeToo shit is getting out of control, guys getting their lives ruined over touching a girl's back or hitting on someone. Fuck, this country is getting soft.'

The backlash from the poker community has been swift over his attack on Kade, with the ‘Godmother of UK poker’ Donna Morton among those calling him out.

…and plenty of men finding Bilzerian’s comments offensive too, poker player and mindcoach Evan Parkes tweeting:

'What a horrible comment. Any poker “ambassador” that makes such comments should be thrown out immediately. @VanessaKade is an awesome poker ambassador, player, and person. You just proved her point completely. Yuck.'

Meanwhile, GGPoker have yet to comment on the situation apart from some tweets apparently supporting a call for Bilzerian’s ‘girls’, which naturally didn’t go down too well…

With Bilzerian joining Daniel Negreanu as a brand ambassador, many have called on Kid Poker to reconsider his position with the poker company.

However, he had already tweeted out a welcome to Bilzerian before the Instagram king’s sexism reared its ugly head:

'GGPoker making all the moves! When it comes to poker and mainstream reach, there isn’t a bigger influencer in the world. Welcome aboard @DanBilzerian. Stay tuned for some sick promotions...'

Whether Daniel will speak out against the misogyny of the gun-wielding, Trump-supporting Bilzerian remains to be seen. For those trying to bring more women into the game of poker, however, it’s a terrible look.

That point wasn’t lost on rec poker player Max Uhlenbeck, who pointed out Negreanu’s tweet from 5 years ago wondering why only 5% of poker players are women...and linking it all the way to Bilzerian.

And just in case Vanessa Kade decides to call out Dan Bilzerian in a heads-up for rollz straightener, in stepped ACR head honcho Phil Nagy to offer her a bankroll should she need one!

A Kade-Bilzerian $25/$50 Grudge Match might just be as amusing as watching Cate Hall handing Mike Dentale his ass a few years ago! That battle had come about after Dentale called Hall a “broke homeless crackhead” and a “cunt”.

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