Dan Bilzerian Fires Back at Critics Who Called Him a Coward

2 years ago
Dan Bilzerian Fires Back at Critics Who Called Him a Coward
06 Oct

Labeled a coward by many for posting a video of himself running from the scene of the mass shooting in Las Vegas instead of providing help to those in need during the chaos and confusion, Dan Bilzerian responded by posting a photo in which he was seen apparently assisting a first responder.

The King of Instagram heard plenty from critics and haters after the video of him running away from the bloodbath with the intention of returning with a gun made the rounds, especially from Dakota Meyer and James LaPorta, two marines who called Bilzerian's actions "disgusting." The military men were insulted by Bilzerian's cowardly behavior, a far cry from the tough guy persona he regularly tries to display to his 23 million social media followers.

Bilzerian shot back with the following tweet and photo, attempting to show his bravery and perhaps make up for bolting from the scene when his assistance was needed most.

That photo appears to have been snapped long after the deluge of bullets from the guns of shooter Stephen Paddock rained down on the country music concertgoers. Although it may prove that Bilzerian lent a hand, it apparently does not appease the Bilzerian haters who continue to insist that the social media star is really a fake and a phony.

Bilzerian was previously labeled a fake when his poker skills were found to be lacking as he played online poker at Americas Cardroom from the account of Bill Perkins while streaming live on Twitch for all the world to see. His claims of winning millions of dollars at high stakes poker games became suspect, especially by YouTuber Doug Polk, who dutifully analyzed Bilzerian's play.

The reputation of the Instagram playboy took another hit over his actions during the mass shooting, but it likely will not deter his fans and followers from enjoying his social media posts and photos that depict a gun-loving, misogynist lifestyle made possible by being a trust fund baby.

Coward or not, I just wonder if the guy can say two sentences without using the word fuc*ing.

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