Dan Bilzerian Offers $5K Reward for Best Book Title

4 weeks ago
Dan Bilzerian Offers $5K Reward for Best Book Title
12 Jun

Dan Bilzerian, who claims to be the winningest poker of all time, is offering a $5,000 reward to whoever comes up with the best book title for his upcoming autobiography – and the answers have been brutal so far…


The multi-millionaire’s baller lifestyle has long been headlines news, his love of guns, fast cars and even faster women sprayed across the tabloids and social media.

As far as his poker goes, Bilzerian has variously claimed to have won more than Jungleman Dan Cates, to have been a ‘pioneer’ of aggressive poker and to have made $50million from highstakes private poker games.

And so to his book title, and he wasn’t short of ideas as the 52.5k responses shows… with his friend and fellow millionaire highstakes amateur Bill Perkins leading the way… 

We obviously can’t share all of them, but here’s a selection for you to dip into, very few with a chance of making it into print…

  • How To Turn A Trust Fund Into The World's Longest Mid Life Crisis
  • Almost the SEAL who shot Bin Laden: The incredible self-absorbed story of the fakest man on the planet and his hired harem of 21 year old models.
  • I Couldn’t Even Come Up With the Title By Myself: The Complete Unoriginal Life of Dan Blizerian

There were a couple that likely had ‘Blitz’ interested though…

  • Blondes Bongs Bets and Bullets: How to Pay the Bilz
  • Dan Bilzerian: Navy seal to Playboy of the century

…while some went the whole hog and designed a cover to go with the title…


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