James Obst Quitting Poker To Play Wimbledon

4 years ago
James Obst Quitting Poker To Play Wimbledon
13 Jul

It seems that this is a year for goodbyes. Doyle “quit” tournament poker for a life of retirement, and now James Obst has flounced out, going after his childhood dream of going pro, not at poker but tennis, a game he’s loved since he was a teen.

In a very tender TTFN to the poker world which he put up on his Twitter account he expressed his appreciation for the “surreal experience” of the poker communities shared love, and expressed regrets about the disappointing results this year.


Only to someone with a WSOP record like Obst – who was at every $10k event FT last year – could 5 cashes, an FT, and 46th in the ME be disappointing year.

As with most of these “quitters” (your Holzes, your Selbsts) it’s not that he’s disappearing from poker entirely, he’ll still be around for the occasional tournament and – if all goes to his plan – we can always catch him on our TVs at Wimbledon, playing for Oz. 


Naturally, friends and fans were quick to applaud the bold decision of a 28 year old millionaire to change jobs.

From us at PokerTube: TTFN, Jim.

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