PokerStars’ Latest Rake Grab Met With Player Anger

1 year ago
PokerStars’ Latest Rake Grab Met With Player Anger
17 Feb

You must be doing something wrong if even your own poker news outlet has a pop at you – and that’s exactly what happened to PokerStars this week following their latest rake-grab, reporting the bad news and player anger at the move….

PokerStars announced that as of Friday 15th February they would be cutting player rewards by a massive 55% in MTT’s – a massive slash in what players can expect to earn – with Severin Rasset, The Stars Group Director of Poker Operation and Innovation claiming that ‘player feedback’ was partly responsible for the huge change.

It’s rare for PokerNews to question the Stars Group flagship poker site, the Canadian conglomerate among the main shareholders of the news portal’s own parent company iBus Media, but PokerNews staffer Mo Nuwarrah stated that:

‘Satisfaction with the PokerStars system may be at an all-time low at this point’, despite the poker site still being the industry leaders.

Naturally, the Twittersphere was soon alight with the bad news for PokerStars regulars…

…while competitors such as partypoker quite rightly smelled an opportunity to push their own player-friendly reward systems

and really listened to ‘player feedback’, stepping in to offer an alternative tournament without the greedy paws…

The ‘chorus of disdain’, as Nuwarrah describes the outpouring of anger by poker players, has been a regular response to PokerStars’ decision since the company was bought from the Scheinberg family back in 2014.

For those who weren’t part of the poker scene a couple of years ago, PokerStars under new owners Amaya (now named The Stars Group) proceeded the dirty on their highest-volume regulars, removing the SuperNovaElite (SNE) rewards halfway through the earning period, costing hundreds of players $tens of thousands at least.

Several player boycotts were instigated and the reputation of PokerStars has never quite recovered, their main ambassador Daniel Negreanu still feeling the heat to this day for his contentious ‘More rake is better’ comments.

Whether the latest rakegrab by PokerStars will lead to a mass player exodus remains to be seen, but with new sites and innovative ideas from their rivals, it seems the times they are a changin’!

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