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Live Poker Events, 3 weeks ago

Nirvana Producer Steve Albini Beats Ferguson and Lisandro For $105,629

The final table of Event #31: $1,500 Seven Card Stud had plenty of reasons to be watched closely.

Alleged Winamax Botters Invited to Play in Paris to Prove Innocence

Winamax suspended two accounts and invited the players behind them to visit their offices in Paris to play a live session to prove their innocence…

Bicknell and Foxen Accused Of Softplaying!

The remarkable one-two by Bicknell and Foxen at the MSPT Venetian $5k event this week has been marred by accusations of soft-playing.

D-Negs WSOP Vlog: Smack Talking Hellmuth, Matusow’s Crazy Stories and Getting Shut Down By Ivey

The real highlight is the contribution of the elusive and camera shy Phil Ivey who Daniel tries to draw out on the subject of a slightly odd PLO hand.

Online Poker , 3 weeks ago

Online Poker Tells – What You Should be Looking Out For

Surprisingly, there are plenty of tells to look for, and new players who want to progress should learn to both read them and avoid giving them away with their own play.

Mike Matusow Rages at Long-Time Rival

It was a raging Matusow who took to Twitter to berate a longtime poker rival, believed to be Negreanu, for calling the floor on him not once, but twice.

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Business & Industry, 4 months ago

Casino Barcelona Confirms Extended Sponsorship Agreement with PokerStars

Casino Barcelona has announced it has further strengthened its partnership with PokerStars, with the sponsorship of the casino’s CEP.

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PokerStars Power Up Game Set for Release

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Top 5 Sports Stars Who Play Poker

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4 Tips that will Make You a Better Poker Player

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Guide to 3 Card Poker