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Andrew from Edinburgh, Scotland, is a professional journalist, international-titled chess master, and avid poker player.

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Selbst, Tilly and Foxen Among Magnificent Seven Announced for Women in Poker Hall of Fame Final

The seven female players who will contest the final voting round for induction into the Women in Poker Hall of Fame have been announced

Online Poker , 1 month ago

ACR pro Katie Lindsay Spearheads $10,000 ACR Breast Cancer Awareness Charity Tournament

Lindsay will be front and centre this week as she takes part in ACR’s Breast Cancer Awareness Charity tournament

Michigan Jury Finds Jeffrey Bernard Morris Guilty of Susie Zhao’s Murder

A jury in Michigan took less than one hour to find Jeffrey Bernard Morris guilty of the brutal murder of poker pro Suzie Zhao

Melbourne Casino Molotov Cocktail Accused was Sexual Harasser Court Hears

39-year-old Hussein Kassem was denied bail this week after Melbourne Magistrates' Court heard allegations that he had deliberately attacked the Bistro Guillaume restaurant

Susie Zhao Murder Trial Hears of Defendant’s Kidnap and Porn Internet Searches

Jeffrey Bernard Morris, the man accused of Susie’s murder, made hundreds of web searches for extreme and violent porn in the weeks just before and after her death

Witnesses Take the Stand on Day 2 of Susie Zhao Murder Trial

The first witnesses took the stand in the Suzie Zhao murder trial, with accused Jeffrey Bernard Morris present in a Michigan court as the prosecution began their case

Susie Zhao Murder Trial Begins with Opening Statements

The trial of Jeffrey Bernard Morris, the man accused of the horrific murder of poker pro Susie Zhao, got underway in a Michigan courtroom

Susie Zhao Murder Trial Set to Start Next Week

The full murder trial is scheduled to begin next Monday, October 2nd in the Oakland County courthouse in Michigan

Business & Industry, 2 months ago

“Moneymaker” Lawsuit against PayPal Goes Global

The lawyer fighting the “Moneymaker” lawsuit against payment giants PayPal has found a cunning way to expand the class action suit worldwide

Wynn Resorts Challenge Sexual Assault Cover-up Claims

The new lawsuit has been filed on behalf of Brenna Schrader, who alleges that “she was forced to engage in sexual conduct with Stephen Wynn... and VIP clients

New York Mafia Hit by FBI in Illegal Online Sportsbook Crackdown

Six New York mobsters are facing the full force of the law after the FBI busted a large-scale illegal online gambling business that had run for at least 15 years

Black Woman Sues Bank for Discrimination after Casino Win Check Rejected

A 71-year-old black woman in Michigan is suing a bank because they refused to cash her winning casino check

High Stakes Poker Pro Ivan Leow Dead Aged 41 of Suspected Heart Attack

High stakes poker pro and Triton Poker founding member Seng Yee “Ivan” Leow has died aged 41, apparently of a heart attack

Bitch Comments Leave Ebony Kenney Furious at Joey Ingram Interview

Ebony Kenney’s incredible week of poker descended into acrimony when an interview with Joey Ingram saw his chat repeatedly using the word “bitches”

Poker Player Does a Runner with Chips after Losing All-in

Lost a huge hand but don’t want to pay that man his money? No problem, just run off with your chips!